Exploring the Impact of Toxic Chemicals


In this episode, Michelle is joined by two incredible, and highly celebrated scientists to discuss toxic chemicals in our lives – and how they disrupt our bodies, hormones, and environments.

Pete Myers, PhD, a founder of sudoc (creator of dot Cleaner), is one of the world’s top experts on endocrine disrupter chemicals. He coined the term “endocrine disruption” in 1991, and coauthored a book in 1996 that discusses the topic, called Our Stolen Future.

Terry Collins, PhD, is a fellow founder/inventor, and principal inventor of TAML catalysts. This catalyst could greatly reduce the amount of chemical needed in cleaning and disinfection.

Dr. Myers and Dr. Collins address important questions related to:

  • Chemical burden and the amount of chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Common endocrine disrupters, their impact, and how to avoid them.
  • The function of sustainable chemistry and products today.
  • The ability of TAML catalysts to advance innovations in cleaning.
  • The impact of sustainable science on health and the environment.
  • & more!

This week’s episode of Restoration Today is sponsored by sureti!

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