Feedback Wanted from NEW Project Managers in the Restoration Industry


A note from Jon Isaacson, the Dyojo:

I am wrapping up the first draft of book number three in the Be Intentional series titled, So, You Want To Be A Project Manager? I am looking for some feedback from NEW project managers; those who have been in the role for a year or less. If you are a new project manager, we are sending out ten advance copies of the book. This of course will be once we print them, which our target publish date is the end of October 2021. We have created a sign-up portal on our website, please get on the list. There has already been a swell of positive feedback on social media so we likely will send some additional advance copies of chapters via PDF to interested parties as well as a discount code for when the book releases. If you are a training manager and need some help inspiring as well as challenging your team, I think you will find this book to be of value to your efforts.

  • Are YOU a professional in the skilled trades that wants to advance your career through project management?

  • Are YOU a new project manager who could use some additional direction on how to develop as a leader in this role?

  • Are YOU a manager or business owner who oversees training and development for your team?

I write because I love seeing good people, like yourself, understand that the path to achieving your dreams is closer than you think. If you want to grow your career, I am living proof that average people can make it happen. When I say closer than you think, I do not mean to imply that the process will be easy. If one of the benchmarks of your personal and/or professional growth includes project management in the skilled trades (and more specifically property restoration), then I believe you will find this book to be helpful in shortening your DANG learning curve. This book IS NOT a how-to or step-by-step guide for project management, but it does contain many of those foundational principles that I believe will help you in your quest. Whatever your goals are, the key elements that will help you get there are your mindset and habits. While your core values should be constant and should not be compromised, your mindset will need to adapt and your habits will need to evolve. Obviously, this book is influenced by my experiences and perspectives, but I think you will find encouragement and inspiration within these pages.

This book is intended for:

  • Construction professionals who seek to grow their career opportunities through pursuing the role of project management.

  • Project managers who need some guidance to better understand and execute their responsibilities.

  • Managers who are looking for some assistance in helping their team members develop in their roles and responsibilities as project managers.

If you are dying with anticipation we hope that our current series, The Xactimate Sessions, will be a cure for what ails you. Watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify. Xactimate is a tool and our goal is to help you shorten your DANG learning curve with this particular tool. We have assembled guests with diverse perspectives and experiences to share the mindset and habits that have aided them in mastering this tool in their daily operations. The DYOJO Nation will benefit from the sage advice they receive from:

  • Greg Power – a project manager/estimator who learned Xactimate rapidly with no prior industry experience. Greg will share some insights on how he approached learning Xacitmate which will be helpful to aspiring estimators and training managers alike.

  • Chris Tilkov – a former project manager/estimator who used his experience to create Ask Aime, an industry-leading resource for expediting internal estimate reviews.

  • Brian Austin – director of instructional design as Verisk, Xactware Division (the parent company for Xactimate). Brian discusses the broad menu of resources available directly from the creators of the program.

  • Mathew Allen – an independent adjuster and creator of Adjuster TV, who has a passion for elevating the claims experience through helping adjusters and contractors to educate and empower themselves to thrive.

  • Nick Sharp – a former project manager/estimator who is now an instructor at Reets Drying Academy. Nick will dive deeper into some of the elements of estimating specific to mitigation.

  • Ben Justesen – is both an active full-service restoration company owner, Just Right Cleaning & Construction (JRCC), as well as an Xactimate trainer through his company Enlightened Restoration Solutions (ERS). Listeners may recall Ben from his sponsorship of the program and our trip out to his training facility. Ben shares from his vast experience with mastering the program to write an estimate with “no fluff” that you can defend and be profitable with.

  • Joyce Gabriel – a senior project manager with training responsibilities shares her tips and tricks for helping others to grow as estimators.

Building from the success and reception for Benchmarks of Growth six-part series which The DYOJO Podcast produced earlier this year, the team will be releasing these multi-part Xactimate Sessions weekly over the next few months. Viewers and listeners will receive a great deal of value from the mindset and habits that have helped our guests as well as some deals from the participating vendors and sponsors of the show.

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