Floodlight Consulting Releases Commercial Sales MasterCourse


Floodlight Consulting Group is confident that this MasterCourse will provide a sales leader with everything they need to begin confidently chasing commercial business.

But it’s not just for new sales reps – there’s plenty of customer segment intel and strategy in the course to give seasoned sales professionals new insights they can deploy to level up their commercial game as well.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of what members will learn from the MasterCourse:

  • How to Professionally Sell Using the Pain/Solution Model

  • Deep Dive on the Big Three Customer Types- Senior Living, Hospitality and Property Management

  • How to Develop Long Term “Peer/Partner” Relationships

  • How to Effectively Collaborate with Operations Partners to Help “Close the Deal”

  • Building and Managing a Pipeline

  • Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Network (and Revenue) **Powerful**

In terms of the cost – what if this MasterCourse helps your team add just 1 commercial loss each month to your business? What would that mean for your bottom line?

Having grown and operated successful restoration companies, the Floodlight team knows this course is easily worth $3k. At that price, it would only take a single averaged-sized commercial job to more than cover the investment.

In celebration of the MasterCourse launch, they are extending a 25% early-bird discount through July 1st.

The Commercial Sales MasterCourse is a living course – Floodlight consultants and coaches Chris and Brandon will be regularly adding new training modules and content to the platform. So the MasterCourse will be a dynamic hub for Commercial Sales Learning.

And one last thing – everyone who purchases the Commercial Sales MasterCourse will be registered as a Floodlight member- along with all of their 1 on 1 consulting clients, Sales Circle participants, and workshop clients.

This means you’ll get access to periodic “global” floodlight live events that only members are invited to.

So, if you’re ready, click through and take advantage of your 25% off coupon code!


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