Florida’s Insurance Restoration Landscape

Note to listener from R David Sweet and C&R: As you listen to today’s podcast, Please be aware that the claims, legal and operational environment currently being experienced in Florida is constantly changing. This podcast is intended to be informative, but no legal directive should be implied or acted upon as a result of the information contained here in. It is imperative that you have solid counsel available to you and apply their directives to the file.  By choosing to listen to this content, you agree to hold harmless all parties.

Every state has different rules and regulations regarding construction work – Florida is certainly included in that. From changes in Assignment of Benefits (AOBs) in 2019, to mold remediation licensing, to laws governing work after catastrophic events, like hurricanes, restoration contractors are well-advised to do their homework before traveling to Florida to work.

In this episode of Restoration Today, expert witness and industry consultant R. David Sweet answers key questions like:

  1. What are the key differentiators between working in Florida, and working in other states?
  2. What licenses do you need to do water damage/mold remediation in Florida?
  3. The property insurance landscape is complex in Florida, to say the least. With some carriers closing up shop, and others overrun with claims, what do restoration contractors need to know?
  4. What is true documentation during a CAT situation, that will help ensure a contractor gets paid?
  5. What should restorers be doing to establish proper customer expectations from day 1 of the job to avoid litigation later?
  6. The difference between mitigation and stabilization.

David shares his knowledge on this, and much more!


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