Founded by a War Hero: Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Celebrates 75th Anniversary


Woodard’s story is best told by those closest to it. In conjunction with Woodard Cleaning & Restoration celebrating 75 years of serving the St. Louis area, C&R sat down with third generation owner, Justin Woodard. He shares a story unlike any other – of a war hero shot down over France, a harrowing mountain escape, and a journey to America.

Earl Woodard and his wife, Nancy, started a carpet cleaning service out of a trailer pulled by the family car. In time, they grew and grew – and attribute their success to their “unrelenting commitment to customer service, earned the respect of business owners, insurance companies and customers alike.”

Below are photos from the Woodard 75th Anniversary celebration in early October, 2021. Also be sure to watch or listen to the Restoration Today podcast with Justin, where he shares the truly amazing journey it’s been through the years for the family company.

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