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This story could start out like so many stories across the country. A locally owned restoration company, where the owners are heavily involved in their day to day operation, even personally visiting job sites, helping customers themselves, and taking care of people in their time of need.

This particular story has been told multiple times before with the hardworking entrepreneurs that run water and fire restoration companies.

These companies and their staff selflessly give up their family dinners, kids ball games, birthdays and more to be of service when a disaster strikes a stranger.

This is the story about a small, family-run restoration company that chooses to do more. They choose to help people in their time of need too, but they go the extra mile to help – even when they aren’t asked. They help in silence, in the shadows – where nobody usually notices. They have created a life of service that rewards in a solid business model that supports their family and employees.

This is the story of some restorers I am proud to call my friends.

You see, this story doesn’t really start with a restoration company, this story starts with a husband and wife team. Based in Dallas, Texas, Chris and Paula Andrews are the epitome of what it means (to me, at least) to be good restorers. I’m not talking about who has the best equipment, or who has the most equipment, or who has the fancier truck. I’m talking about a team where their customers, employees, and community come first. A company dedicated to their community regardless of the number of jobs, trucks, or social status. To selflessly support the community that supports them. That’s what it really means to be a good restorer – a good person. For many years, I’ve always said restorers should strive to take care of customers first, and the money will follow. Chris and Paula are living examples.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this team well; they joined Restoration Partner earlier this year. Part of our core values of Restoration Partner center around the willingness and desire to be an active participant in the communities we serve. A desire to take care of the communities that take care of us. Chris, Paula, and their team embody the Restoration Parter tagline, “Restoring Better Together”.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I was working in the office and gave Chris a call to check on a few things, and he told me they were “tied up” today. As our discussion continued, he mentioned that the rest of the week they wouldn’t be in their office much. Curious, I finally asked “What are you working on?” His answer did not surprise me one bit. “We are working throughout Dallas County today, we are delivering Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate” followed by “We are working our way through the county and will be in other places tomorrow.”

After our brief call, I couldn’t shake the need to put my thoughts into words. Still processing what I had heard, my gratitude for Chris, Paula, and the rest of their team cannot be overstated. They represent restorers right, they represent their company right, they represent the industry right, and they represent Restoration Partner right. Being a great restorer isn’t just about doing what’s right when the insurance company is watching, or when the customer is home. Being a good restorer is about doing what’s right all the time, even if nobody is watching – even if nobody knows. Being a good restorer is helping out, when help is needed, regardless of what it is. Showing up, participating, being active in their community to lend a hand. Restorers like Chris, Paula, and their team are the real heroes of the industry.

As the holidays quickly approach, I encourage all my fellow restorers to follow the lead of the good restorers out there like Chris and Paula in Texas, or like Rich Gakaivian in Maryland who cleans all the carpets in his local Ronald McDonald Homes each and every year.

I encourage all my restorer friends to give back to their communities and lend that hand where it’s needed, even if nobody notices. If all restorers cared as much for their communities as these few unsung heroes do, the world would surely be better for it. All things now having been said, I’m truly honored to be part of this group of restorers that’s Restoring Better Together.

Tim Fuller, CEO

Restoration Partner, Inc

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Timothy Fuller

Tim Fuller has been building houses and doing restoration work since the moment he could swing a hammer.

As his own Michigan-based restoration company grew, he found a need for more collaboration in the industry – a way for companies to join together and operate in a similar way, under the same brand and image, while allowing owners to retain ownership of their companies.

On Jan. 1, 2022, after years of preparation, he and his team officially launched Restoration Partner. Within two weeks, 40+ territories were spoken for – with dozens more ready to come on board.

Restoration Partner is a national network of independently owned and operated restoration firms, specializing in water and fire damage, mold, hazardous material remediation, and building reconstruction.

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