HOMEE Acquires MyCAT Marketplace


HOMEE, the leading Digital Claims Marketplace to the insurance industry, today announced its acquisition of MyCAT Marketplace, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed specifically to manage property claims resulting from catastrophic weather events (CAT). The acquisition further broadens HOMEE’s marketplace capacity to service client needs and to transform both the policyholder and carrier experience before, during and after a CAT event.

MyCAT Marketplace was co-developed by Larry Nettles and Chris Petrarca. Nettles as a part of the acquisition, has joined the HOMEE management team and brings more than a decade of experience in the insurance and claims management industry, “HOMEE is leading the industry in digitizing the claims process and I am excited to bring MyCAT into a forward-thinking company like HOMEE that’s truly changing the insurance industry and the customer experience. The volatility of weather and climate is arguably the biggest concern for carriers today,” stated Nettles.

The MyCAT Command Center enables carriers to access live weather analytics, policyholder and claims information, performance analytics and the capacity of an actionable curated service pro network for multiple CAT events. The HOMEE / MyCAT solution significantly improves the customer experience by accelerating the timeframe in which high-quality service professionals begin repairs to a policyholder’s home after a CAT event.

Larry Nettles added, “I’ve observed unique inefficiencies around catastrophic event (CAT) planning and management in my 10+ years in the insurance industry. That’s why I developed MyCAT — to address a major concern in the industry and significantly improve the experience for carriers and their policyholders when dealing with catastrophic events.”

Doug Schaedler, HOMEE CEO stated “We believe what Larry has developed and launched is groundbreaking and will help all our clients better plan, deploy and manage valuable resources during a catastrophic weather event. CAT events continue to increase in frequency and represent an annual market cost for carriers of approximately $50 billion. The MyCAT Marketplace solution will further enable HOMEE to help our clients deliver the best possible policyholder experience after a catastrophic weather event.”

To experience a demonstration of MyCAT schedule a product demo with HOMEE:


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