HOMEE & Spaulding Decon Announce Partnership


Today, HOMEE announced its latest Service Pro partnership with Spaulding Decon, a partnership that will expand HOMEE’s capacity to handle a more diverse set of daily and catastrophe claims while giving Spaulding Decon an avenue to connect with HOMEE’s insurance carrier partners.

Spaulding Decon has been refining the science behind specialized deep home cleaning for nearly two decades. Over the years they’ve expanded into several specialties, including biohazard disinfection and decontamination, mold removal, and water damage restoration.

“Spaulding Decon is another excellent addition to the HOMEE and MyCAT Marketplace Pro roster,” said Larry Nettles, VP of Pro Operations. “We prioritize having a wide service area across the country, as well as having a diverse set of service providers that can assist in a multitude of specific daily and catastrophe claim scenarios. Spaulding Decon’s nationwide coverage and specialized cleaning services bolster our marketplace in both regards.”

HOMEE will connect Spaulding Decon to insurance carriers by utilizing its claims marketplace software including MyCAT marketplace. MyCAT is a specialized marketplace solution that assists insurance carriers in automatically connecting them to the service providers they need during a series of catastrophe claims following a disaster. Moreover, MyCAT’s forecasting software allows carriers to prepare for catastrophes in advance, letting them reserve and manage capacity across a wide variety of service providers in anticipation of the claims to come. Spaulding Decon will be added to this roster of service providers, allowing them to plan and manage their own capacity in advance of job surges following severe weather events.

“We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate and grow with HOMEE. This partnership will give us the ability to anticipate our customers’ needs even more effectively and be prepared to respond immediately after a catastrophe. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and now we can shorten our response time when they need us most by leveraging HOMEE software,” commented Spaulding Decon’s CEO, Laura Spaulding.

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