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Last week, I read Phillip Rosebrook Jr.’s article, “Predicting 2022 Disaster Restoration Trend.” And while I was reading, it occurred to me…every company needs a solid Human Resource foundation to give an exceptional employee experience to combat unknowns in the workplace. Now, I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Marcie, what are you talking about?” But think about it, all successful companies 1) produce a superior product and 2) deliver impeccable customer service which is delivered by your employees. All of Mr. Rosebrook’s predictions involve Human Resources. 

So, lets take each prediction one by one. When you peel each prediction back, the ‘come from’, and the ‘how to’ will start and end with your employees. 

Prediction #1: Labor Shortage

Obviously, this one is almost self-explanatory in a HR world. We can all agree that this will affect us all in one way or another. Companies must be effective in attracting the right employee. Most of the time, recruitment only happens when a spot is vacant. The definition of attraction simply means, “a quality or feature that evokes interest.” What are you doing now to evoke interest to your future employees? But here is the thing about labor shortage…it will always ebb and flow. A couple of weeks ago during the Superbowl, a few players were injured, but not one time did I see a coach panic, or the team go with one less player on a play. And why is that, because it was ‘next man up.’ Companies must build a solid path for advancement for employees to step in and fill open positions without interruption of business. You must create the ‘next man up’ culture so you are not panicking when you are faced with a labor shortage issue. Today, it is COVID and government interference. Tomorrow, it will be something else. But as Mr. Rosebrook stated, “looking around the corner” is absolutely necessary to solidify your company’s future. 

Prediction #2: Inflation & Supply Chain Issues

I know, you are scratching your head wondering how I see the connection between inflation and supply chain issues and Human Resources. Easy! When there are delays on a job due to supply issues, it is more important than ever to ensure quality and accuracy are done right the first time. Employee training is vital. Training and development on everything from budgets and project management to demolition and laying sheet rock are essential; not only to ensure money and time are not wasted, but to lessen to possibility and reduce the worry if supplies will be available. Training and development start the moment an employee is hired and never stops! Also, companies must monitor trainings to safeguard from deviation of policies and procedures. The deviation of standard processes can cause delays, demo done incorrectly, and a multitude of other issues. When you are facing issues beyond your control, focus on what you can control. Proper training and development won’t prevent all of errors, but it will help in getting it done right the first time. 

Prediction #3: Continuation of M&A

I agree with Mr. Rosebrook that companies need to take steps to improve your business and make it salable which makes it more attractive. Attractive and happy businesses start with happy employees. Employees who are happy love to come to work and will do great work which results in happy customers and then repeat customers. It all starts with CULTURE. Culture drives production and systems. When production is high and the company is profitable, companies become more attractive for purchase. So, whether you are in the market to sell or not, creating a happy culture will give you a positive return. Business owners set the tone on culture. It is true, you reap what you sow. 

Prediction #4: Evolution of Technology

With the development of technology, Human Resources is being introduced with tools to create a smoother employee experience. Everything from payroll and recruiting to systematic online processes, it creates an ease of use for employees. With technology, the time of huge, laminated calendars with written vacation requests are gone. SOPs are no longer only found in a 3-ring binder collecting dust. Safety data sheets and safety manuals are readily available everywhere an employee goes…all just in the palm of your employee’s hand. Technology gives time back to everyone from CEO to technician, and Human Resources must be on the forefront of technology. Today’s workforce demands it.  

My prediction for 2022: Restoration companies, big and small, will begin to put in place a solid HR foundation to ensure they are running their own race regardless of what is happening in the world. When laying a solid HR foundation today, companies will not worry year to year, but will be able to predict their twenty years from now future.

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Marcie Richardson

With over 20 years of HR experience, Marcie understands the struggles companies face in compliance regulation and policy structure. She recognizes that effective company culture and policies start with how we treat employees. As the Director of Human Resources for Guarantee Restoration Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she values the need for a strong company culture to ensure operational continuity. Marcie obtained her IICRC in WRT and ASD because she believes to truly understand the needs of each employee, you need to understand their job. Marcie also holds a Louisiana Department of Insurance License in Health, Life & Accident.

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