IICRC’s Brand New Field Guide for Safety and Health Now Available


The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and  Restoration Certification (IICRC) announces the publication of the brand-new Safety  and Health Field Guide for Professional Cleaners (First Edition, 2022).  

The Field Guide supplements the existing ANSI/IICRC Cleaning Standards and  Certification Courses containing valuable information that Cleaning Professionals  should employ: 

  • Safety and Health Hazard Identification Procedures 
  • Safe Work Practices 
  • Control Methods 

Lee Senter, Field Guide Committee Chair said, “This new Field Guide walks the reader through the processes of identifying and controlling hazards. It discusses the mandatory plans required of a company by OSHA.”  

This Field Guide defines safe work practices and outlines the criteria of required safety plans that shall be used by cleaning companies and their personnel. The Guide identifies specific ideas on hazard identification and controls that should be used in  establishing work plans and procedures. 

“This Field Guide is sorely needed in our industry,” said Ryan Tasovac, Field Guide Committee Vice-Chair. “The Field Guide for the Health and Safety of Professional Cleaners allows for all cleaning organizations, big and small, to ensure that the health and safety needs of their workforce are met.”  

To purchase a copy of the Field Guide, visit https://iicrc.gilmoreglobal.com/.

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