Improve Your Bottom Line and Reduce Textile Waste


Textile waste is a major issue that grows in magnitude every year. In the United States alone, billions of pounds of textiles end up in landfills when much of that waste could be reused or recovered. 

Over the past 20 years, America’s volume of clothing waste has doubled. Each year, the average American is personally responsible for 80 pounds of textile waste. Many textiles that go to landfills leak dangerous chemicals into the ground and release greenhouse gases into the air. And, since it takes about 200 years for the average garment to decompose, clothing causes long-term damage to the environment as it breaks down.

What can be done when a piece of clothing is damaged? A flood or fire often destroys some textiles beyond repair. But discarding and replacing all affected textiles is not the only solution. During the disaster recovery process, recovering bedding, clothing, linens, and other soft goods post-disaster reduces the amount of textile waste in landfills and saves money versus paying for new items.

Benefits of Textile Restoration:

  • Profit – Reduce costs and help close files faster for insurance adjusters by providing textile recovery services that cost less than textile replacement.
  • People – Return families and businesses back to normal faster. 
  • Planet: Keep affected textiles out of landfills, thereby reducing the environmental impact after a loss.

When searching for a textile restoration partner, count on Prism Specialties. We specialize in restoring clothing, fabric, and textiles after a disaster to return belongings to pre-loss condition. From a pair of shoes to a child’s favorite stuffed animal, Prism Specialties doesn’t just restore textiles – we restore comfort.

Click here to learn more about Prism Specialties or call (888) 826-9429.

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