KnowHow Unveils Why Workers are Quitting Their Jobs


Millions of workers in the United States are quitting their jobs at record rates every month. The results of a new nation-wide study of hundreds of restorers provides never-before-seen data on the root causes behind The Great Resignation, and its impact on the restoration industry. 

The findings of the 2022 Restoration Workforce Survey, published in the new book Why Workers Quit, unpacks the complaints workers are levying against their employers, and uses first-of-its-kind insights to give employers an authoritative playbook on how to provide a better work environment for staff to eliminate regrettable turnover. 

“This is one of the biggest workforce crises the labor industry has ever seen in the United States”, said Leighton T Healey, co-author of Why Workers Quit, “and we have the data to prove it. Workers are fed up with feeling their needs are ignored by management, and they believe they’re giving more value to their company than they’re getting in return. Only 30% of workers in the US approve of their managers’ approach, which is unacceptable.” 

Why Workers Quit by KnowHow unpacks the findings of the most recent workforce survey focused on the rapidly changing profile of restoration workers in the United States. In the survey, young labor workers explain what they’re looking for in a workplace in 2022, what they find the most and least fulfilling about their work, and why they recently quit, or are considering quitting their job. 

Featuring rich visualized data, Why Workers Quit unpacks the mounting frustration restorers in the United States are feeling in every aspect of their jobs, and the steps managers and leaders need to take to attract and retain today’s labor worker. Over the course of Why Workers Quit, KnowHow unpacks: 

  • What Millennial and Gen Z workers are looking for in a job 
  • How to create a work experience that will lead to staff staying, and referring their friends 
  • The critical impact a worker’s first 2 weeks has on their impression of the company 
  • The most and least fulfilling aspects of working in the construction industry, from the mouth’s of the young workers themselves 
  • Why workers are quitting their jobs 
  • What changes workers want to see in their supervisor’s management style ● How blue-collar industries can better accommodate women in the workplace

“The bottom line is that in The Great Resignation, the workers have the power”, says Leighton T Healey. “Managers can fight it, complain about it, or recognize they will be left in the dust unless they totally overhaul their job experience to meet the expectations of this new profile of labor worker. The data is clear, we know what Millennial and Gen Z workers are looking for in a job. What will you do with it?” 

Why Workers Quit is available for purchase on Amazon or download at

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