Mammoth Restoration Continues Efforts in Florida After Hurricane Ian


Mammoth Restoration, a restoration company with 7 locations in OH, PA and NJ as well as a National  Catastrophe Response Team, continues restoration efforts on properties affected by Hurricane Ian deadly path.  Mammoth’s initial response to Florida started before the storm made landfall on September 28th  by visiting communities up and down the Gulf coast to assist with Hurricane Preparedness and protection efforts.

Since making landfall 4 weeks ago, Mammoth’s Catastrophe Response Team has been working around the clock, 7 days a week to dry out, clean up, and help multiple large highrise communities get back to normal operations. With hundreds of crew members  t, supply chain issues for materials, and limited access to areas hardest hit – project management has been key in Mammoth’s ability to find creative solutions to restoration efforts.  Using barges to ship tractor trailers full of supplies, and shuttling crews by boat to areas like Sanibel Island where bridges were wiped out is just one example in many of how catastrophic events require outside of the box solutions. “Our teams have been working tirelessly and without days off for over a month. While you can certainly see the exhaustion, each one of our team members wouldn’t have it any other way.” said Michael Bennett, Director or Marketing for Mammoth Restoration.  “The hard work in the heat and less than ideal conditions are certainly not going unnoticed – our crews are sacrificing time from their families for an incredible cause and we’re so incredibly proud of how they do it each and every day with an outlook of appreciation and gratitude.” said Bennett.

While media outlets have shared images, videos, and reports on the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Ian, it’s simply not possible to paint a true enough picture through imagery.  Initial estimates are projecting Hurricane Ian to be one of the most expensive storms in US history with damages in excess of $67 Billion dollars.  Mammoth’s Catastrophe Response Team, is built and designed to respond to events nationwide just like this one will remain in Florida to help restoration for quite some time.


About Mammoth Restoration

Mammoth Restoration is an industry-leading restoration and construction company that focuses on commercial and residential property damage caused by fire, smoke, water, mold, and other catastrophic events..  With multiple locations, extensive equipment inventory and teams of highly trained and certified specialists, Mammoth lives up to its name by being able to mobilize and fast-track larger jobs that other companies can’t.  Whether it’s repairing damage or building new construction, our team understands what you’re going through.  We bring a unique combination of first-hand experience with what we call a “service heart.”  It’s a unique combination that’s quite rare in this industry, because at Mammoth, “We believe in restoring people, as much as properties and communities.”

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