Modern HR: Parental Leave, Interns, & Company Culture


With every new generation comes changes to the workforce, and that workforce’s wants and expectations.

Today, Millennials, Gen Z, and each generation to come after them will have different expectations than Gen X, Baby Boomers, Traditionalists, and the generations to come before them.

In today’s economy and job market, especially with the immense shortage of workers in the skilled trades, the onus is on restoration companies to be forward-thinking with their approach to today’s workforce. What will attract and retain the best talent for your company and customers?

Sasser Restoration, based in North Carolina, has not been afraid to think outside the box. In addition to more traditional initiatives like hiring veterans and women, Sasser hires interns in various departments – competing directly against some major employers in their region – and has policies like offering paid parental leave for birthing parents and partners.

Houston Summers, a partner in Sasser, joins Restoration Today to talk about Sasser’s growth, policies, what has worked, what they’ve learned along the way, and what’s next.

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