More Technologies and Programs Meet the GBAC STAR Registered Standard of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control


The Global Biorisk Advisory Council™, (GBAC), a Division of ISSA today announced that five additional organizations have achieved the GBAC STAR™ Registered Technology & Registered Programs designation. The designation helps facilities vet cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention offerings for scientific validity, safety, usability, practicality, and efficacy.

The latest technologies and programs to achieve GBAC STAR Registered Technologies & Registered Programs designation include:

  • AnniList from Annihilare is a software platform that tracks facility maintenance tasks to support facility managers and consistent practices.
  • Breezy One™ from Build With Robots is an autonomous mobile disinfecting robot that administers an EPA-registered disinfectant over 100,000 square feet in 1.5 hours.
  • EnSURE™ Touch Monitoring System from Hygiena is a monitoring system that collects, analyzes, and reports data from sanitation verification and environmental monitoring devices.
  • Highlight® from Kinnos is an additive that provides color visualization to bleach disinfectant products to help cleaning professionals verify complete coverage on surfaces.
  • Trust™ Single-Use Microfiber Mopping System from Lighthouse Life Sciences is a high-absorbency mop system designed for pathogen removal and reducing cross-contamination of surfaces.

“GBAC provides a trusted path for companies to have their technologies and programs verified for real world use and adoption, empowering facilities to incorporate innovations that make a difference,” said GBAC Senior Director of Technology and Programs Michael Diamond. “We are beyond excited to now have a total of 11 Registered Technologies & Registered Programs, and another 30 in the pipeline.”

To achieve GBAC STAR Registered status, organizations must demonstrate that their product or service addresses real problems effectively and provide evidence that the offering will contribute to preventing the spread of COVID-19 or any other diseases. Companies also must show that their offerings improve efficacy, cost, health, and safety over existing offerings on the market.

“Procuring GBAC STAR registered technologies and programs helps facilities build effective cleaning and maintenance programs and achieve GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation,” said GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger. “The momentum for achieving the designation has continued to grow as more facilities face demand for validation of cleaning and safety practices.”

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