We are excited to announce that Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association will soon be MidSouth Cleaning and Restoration Association. Over the last two decades, we’ve seen the cleaning and restoration industries change and grow, and MSPCA grew with it. Today, our membership includes both cleaners and restorers. It is time for our name to better reflect our full membership.

Where it Started

MSPCA was founded in 1974 by Dick Bernson, a hard-working pioneer in cleaning and a man known for his generosity and willingness to help others. He recognized the need to bring cleaners together in order to help one another provide quality services with integrity and professionalism. As the industry changed, MSPCA expanded to include restorers. Now it’s time for us to fully demonstrate who we are in our brand. But make no mistake, our mission and code of ethics remains the same as set out by Mr. Bernson.

Asked about the name change, association president, Kevin Reinert shared, “We have seen the numbers of restorers grow in the last decade, and it continues to expands. The Board of Directors and I felt the time was right to have a name that represents who we are as an organization.”

Becoming Who We Are

By changing our name, we fully embrace who we are: cleaners and restorers, colleagues and friends, willing to help one another learn and grow.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out our new name and logo on our website,, and social media.


MidSouth Cleaning and Restoration Association is a non-profit association of specialists dedicated to providing high quality services to their customers in the art of cleaning and restoration. We give every member support toward this goal.

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