National E&S Welcomes Melissa Williams to the Team


We are please to welcome Melissa Williams as a new Assistant Vice President/Account Manager. She will be reporting directly Ross Driscoll Sr. and Ross Driscoll Jr. and brings a tremendous wealth of experience.

She will be doing account management, developing new retailers, and mentoring young people we are actively recruiting and developing.

She was most recently a Senior Environmental Underwriter for one of America’s premier environmental carriers.  We worked with her for years and she has joined us.

She has also worked as an inside wholesale broker, MGU underwriter, and Program Manager over the years. She has worked on environmental risks including GL, CPL, PL, EIL, OCIP, Excess (supported & unsupported). She is also experienced on construction risks as well.

She is currently in the process of getting settled in with us and will be at WSIA with us this week in San Diego.

Her email address is . Her phone number is (661) 266-4444 extension 4099.

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