New Crystal Restoration: Improving Lives


According to, COVID-19 has had a profound negative effect on the mental health of the nation. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MHA has witnessed increasing numbers of people experiencing anxiety, depression, psychosis, loneliness, and other mental health concerns.

The team at New Crystal Restoration provided complimentary, green, deep cleaning and sanitizing services for an individual whose hoarding disorder worsened during Covid. The property was in such poor condition that the resident had limited access to several rooms. The environment was unhealthy and in dire need of a Restoring Kindness project.

Two 20 yard containers were filled to the brim with debris, heavily stained carpeting, old magazines, books and contents spanning some 40 years. The New Crystal Restoration team of 4 spent two days at this project wearing full PPE, including Tyvek suits and respirators.

The property owner was humbled by the compassionate and empathetic interactions with the NCR team, as he found it quite challenging to trust the process. The end result was a huge success! (see before/after photos and project photos)

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