Next Gear CEO Garret Gray Releases Statement on Sale to CoreLogic

“Today we announce the sale of Next Gear Solutions, which has been the passion of my life for 13+ years. There are many emotions as I reflect on the people who built this company and the tremendous skill and passion they bring every day to our partners.
Words can not express my gratitude for my team and the many people who have supported our company throughout the years. The incredible trust our customers have placed in us is humbling, and without that trust and partnership, Next Gear could not have become what it is today. While this is a milestone for me and the over 250 people who have dedicated themselves to an audacious vision for the industry we serve, it is only the beginning. We are all excited to join forces with the CoreLogic team to drive positive change for the entire property insurance ecosystem. I can speak for my entire leadership team and broader company when I say we are in this for the long haul and can’t wait to leverage the scale and resources of our new company.
There will be more to come on this exciting news. Stay tuned.”
-Garret Gray, Founder & CEO
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