Overall Business Acumen & Profitability | Restoration Master Class Episode 16


Today on the latest episode of The Restoration Master Class, sponsored by Encircle, we have Phil Rosebrook, of Business Mentors, to talk through business acumen and what restorers REALLY need to know to have a profitable, forward-driving business model.

This episode will cover:

  • What the top 3 things Phil see’s successful restoration companies doing that increase their overall profitability
  • How important industry acumen and involvement to overall profitability is
  • The best way for restorers to tap into the industry and stay up-to-date on trends
  • …and more!

Miss an episode? Check them all out below! Each is 15 minutes or less, and no two episodes cover the same angle on how to increase your profitability!

EPISODE 15: Proactive Profitability of Project Managers
EPISODE 14: The Role of GMs in Profitability
EPISODE 13: Culture for Growth
EPISODE 12: Achieving Profitability Through Strategic Growth
EPISODE 11: Estimating & Technology Meet Profitability
EPISODE 10: Managing Profitability in a Family-Run Business
EPISODE 9: 5 Profitability Myths
EPISODE 8: Modern HR + Profitability
EPISODE 7: The Value of Franchising + Profitability
EPISODE 6: Cash Flow Management + Profitability 
EPISODE 5: Succession Planning + Profitability
EPISODE 4: Intentionality + Profitability 
EPISODE 3: Training + Profitability
EPISODE 2: Technology + Profitability
EPISODE 1: Organizational Structure + Profitability 

Every episode is available on the C&R YouTube channel or your favorite podcast platform by searching “Restoration Today”.

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