PSA Launches New Software Application: Proven OnSite


Starting November 1st, 2021, all existing and new Proven Job Management users will be able to opt-in to Proven OnSite – a brand new application that allows restorers to connect directly with their clients, providing real-time GPS updates on travel time, alerts for site arrival, and work completion. This application also allows for SMS text message communications that get logged directly back into the system. This feature also provides customer with an online survey option that can be filled out directly from the field using any smart device. These results will automatically come back to your job management system to provide a detailed audit. This new technology will take your customer service experience to the next level!

Proven OnSite enables restoration contractors to:

  1. Provide live updates when the technician is on the way.
  2. Communicate via SMS text message with the customers
  3. Push live notifications upon site arrival and work completion
  4. Collect customer reviews and survey feedback 
  5. No Customer login required!

This exciting new software application by PSA is another innovative way to help restoration contractors increase customer satisfaction, improve accountability, and streamline communication between the contractor and their customers. 

About PSA: Proven Software Applications provides restoration contractors with a complete ERP solution that includes Job Management, CRM & Accounting. These tools have been designed specifically for the property restoration industry. PSA also provides integration with Xactware’ s XactAnalysis, Core Logic Symbility, along with many other industry-related tools.

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