PuroClean of Cleveland, TN Serving Others with #RestoringKindness


This past month, PuroClean was able to give back to their community by providing services without charge. Smithers Church of God and parsonage in Smithers, Virginia suffered property damage from flooding in July of 2022. Men and Women of Action volunteers mucked out the parsonage and did a two foot flood cut of the drywall. The crawlspace was left with damaged HVAC ducts and mold growth. On June 1, 2023 a small crew from PuroClean Property Damage Experts of Cleveland, TN traveled six hours to Smithers. Upon arrival, they removed all of the damaged HVAC ducts, removed the mold and sealed the floor joist with antimicrobial sealer. A full encapsulation was installed in the crawlspace.

The church was not charged anything for services rendered. Pastor Hubbard said, “Tell the guys thanks again for all the help. We really appreciate it.”

On May 31, PuroClean Property Damage Experts of Cleveland, TN with its owners, Charles and Sharon Atkins, and employees traveled into Cleveland to the city’s Emergency Shelter. There they distributed breakfast, sundry toiletry items, snacks and bus passes for its current residents. PuroClean was told the need was great for bus passes for the residents to move around the city. After serving breakfast at the emergency center, the PuroClean group traveled to Salvation Army and Inman Coffee where they were able to give out breakfast to some of the city’s homeless.

During the first week of June, Mayor Kevin Brooks of Cleveland, TN reached out to Charles Atkins owner of Puroclean of Cleveland, TN to possibly receive help with some Mosby Park playground equipment that had been vandalized. A PuroClean team was sent over to assess and clean the slide and rock crawl-through. The team was able to restore the play ground equipment to its original state with no monies charged to the city. We love giving back and restoring kindness to our community.


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