Restoration 1 Announces 2022 – 2023 Franchise Advisory Council Members


Restoration 1®, one of the fastest-growing and most-trusted restoration franchises in North America, has announced the franchisees selected to serve on the company’s 2022-2023 Franchise Advisory Council (“FAC”). The council facilitates transparency within the network on important topics within the Restoration 1 nation by having constructive open two-way communication between corporate and franchisees.

Members of the 2022-2023 FAC include:
President – Scott Whitaker – Spokane, WA
Vice President – Ron Jones – Greater Charlotte, NC; Winston-Salem, NC
Franky Burciaga – Austin,TX; San Antonio; Corpus Christi, TX
Brad Jeffries – Jackson, MS
Chris Kushmaul – Metro Detroit
Ryan Klis – Suffolk County, NY; Cape Cod, MA

“Transparency is a quality we aim to achieve within our growing network, and as a core value to Restoration 1 we’re prioritizing clear and honest communication through the participation and leadership of this new FAC. The members named to this council are outstanding leaders and business owners who exemplify the Stellar standard,” said Tom Gissler, President of Restoration 1. “As the company evolves and we experience rapid growth, we don’t want any of our franchise owners to feel left behind. The council helps ensure that everyone is heard, valued and understood as we navigate this growth together.”

The council includes franchise owners from three regions, with two representatives elected from each region. Each of the members were selected by their fellow Restoration 1 franchisees to represent them and have a voice in important operational decisions such as marketing, vendor relations and more. The FAC collects information to help Restoration 1 improve and grow the brand, while simultaneously sharing information with franchisees to help them understand initiatives and ways to strengthen and promote the brand.

“As president of the FAC, I am grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate open communication between Restoration 1 leadership and the franchisees and to be a positive voice to share any and all concerns or ideas from the field,” said council president Scott Whitaker.

To learn more about opening a Restoration 1 franchise, visit

About Restoration 1®

Founded in 2008, Restoration 1 is an award-winning franchise that specializes in a wide array of emergency mitigations, restoration and reconstructions services. An industry innovator, the Texas-based company uses advanced technologies and tools to perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties that have been damaged due to water, smoke, fire, mold, storms and more. There have been 360 agreements awarded throughout the U.S. with plans to expand to more than 500 locations nationwide in the next couple of years. For more information about Restoration 1, visit

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