Mammoth Restoration Merger Marks 61 Offices for BluSky Restoration Contractors


The merger of Mammoth Restoration with BluSky Restoration Contractors is official! This is the 13th in a strategic plan of mergers and acquisitions in the last six years to support BluSky growth. BluSky has grown from a privately-owned Colorado startup in 2004 to one of the largest national restoration firms in the United States.

Mammoth Restoration, based in Pennsylvania, has been serving the community with exceptional restoration services for many years. Recognized for their expertise in disaster recovery, Mammoth Restoration has built a solid reputation, exceptional company culture, and a loyal customer base. This further strengthens BluSky’s position in the market, expanding their capabilities and reach.

“Mammoth has a long-standing reputation of restoring people’s dreams, not only their properties, and is culturally aligned with BluSky in many ways.” said Drew Bisping, BluSky CEO. “We are excited to grow our BluSky family, and further expand in the Central Ohio, Pennsylvania and the surrounding East Coast markets.”

Mammoth majority owner and Chief Culture Officer Mike “Turk” Bevilacqua will join the BluSky Owner’s Council and Bisping will continue as CEO of the merged firm.

“We are beyond ecstatic for our customers and team members to be joining BluSky’s amazing culture. As the founder and Chief Culture Officer of Mammoth, where we think culture is everything, BluSky’s culture felt like we were looking at ourselves in the mirror. I was blown away by the amount of opportunities that BluSky can offer our team members regarding their career paths and service offerings for our customers. It also says a lot that 11 former owners are still actively working in the company when they easily could have ridden off into the sunset. We’re so excited to build more relationships and are looking forward to the next part of the journey,” remarked Mammoth’s Bevilacqua on the merger.

Restoration Brokers of America (RBA), a leading firm specializing in the sale of restoration businesses, facilitated the merger between the two companies. The transaction was another successful opportunity for RBA to facilitate growth and partnership within the restoration space.

“The RBA process was very consultative and about what was in the best interest of me as the owner and Mammoth,” said Bevilacqua. “That was important to me as culture is everything to me. As a business owner, you spend years developing relationships with people, and you want to make sure they’re in good hands moving forward. Working with Gokul and RBA, they worked to understand what our culture was like and what a good partner would look like.”

BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC is a full-service restoration company serving a national client base through restoration, renovation, roofing, and environmental services to address properties damaged by water, fire, storms, and other disasters. The company focuses on large projects, intent on restoring and rebuilding with precision, quality control, and the customer experience in mind.

“Restoration is a unique industry, and at RBA, it’s all we do,” says Gokul Padmanabhan, President & CEO of RBA. “We believe in being more than just transactional; we strive to be true partners to our clients. We are delighted to have brokered this acquisition, bringing together two highly respected companies in the industry. Our goal is to ensure that our clients find the best buyer with terms and pricing that align with their exit strategy goals.”

Restoration Brokers of America played a pivotal role in facilitating the transaction, leveraging their expertise in the restoration industry and extensive network of qualified buyers. With over 15 years of experience in the sale of restoration businesses, RBA focuses on building relationships and providing straightforward advice to maximize selling price and exposure to potential buyers. 

“We partner with sellers and buyers seeking to move our industry forward,” says RBA’s Director of Business Development, Jenny Yokoyama. “Building relationships is the primary focus of our work, and we are proud to bring together two leaders in the industry.”

RBA is committed to developing partnerships and understanding the unique aspects of each business they represent. This merger of Mammoth Restoration with BluSky Restoration Contractors is a testament to the continued growth and consolidation within the restoration industry. 

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