Restoration Journeys | Important Changes for Our Next Restoration Journey to Puerto Vallarta


Restoration Journeys announced that after a lot of consideration, we have determined that we should move Restoration Journeys Puerto Vallarta, Mexico scheduled in October 2023 away from Hurricane Season to April 2024.  

Larry Cooper stated: “The storms are much more powerful now than in the past, and there seems to be so many more disasters.  We have had several of our clients cancel their journey with us because of how busy they are with disasters.  Being from the industry, I clearly understand the need to provide the response needed for their clients.”

We have worked with the Marriott Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, and they have agreed to allow us to move our All Inclusive Restoration Journeys to April 2024.  (Tentatively April 13-17, 2024). This is during spring break.  

The program will be updated, more interactive and additional programming will be added.  We will continue to work with Doug Hoffman and NORMI and add other instructors to the program.  Some of the additional programming for our attendees will be related to marketing specifically with social media hands on.  We will also beef up our party times and make sure we are well entertained and have time to soak up the sunshine.

Restoration Journeys is a great opportunity to learn, travel and network. We know that it will also be a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn from each other.  Please take this opportunity to come join the fun and education in Mexico.

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