Restoration Technical Institute Announces the Launch of Learning Paths


Restoration Technical Institute proudly announces the launch of Learning Paths, a transformative component within their acclaimed Digital Training Solution. This breakthrough offering empowers companies to equip their teams with the tools that yield high-impact results with just a single click. Learning Paths consist of meticulously curated courses and activities, strategically designed to achieve specific learning outcomes. 

By introducing interactive Learning Paths, Restoration Technical Institute redefines conventional training methods, dismantling barriers and fostering a culture of continuous learning that engages the entire team and delivers tangible results. It’s a paradigm shift beyond mere content—it’s about leveraging technology, adopting innovative methodologies, and comprehending the unique demands of businesses and learners alike. 

“We recognize the dynamic pace and challenges inherent in our industry. Our approach and solutions are crafted to overcome these hurdles. We do not stop; we listen to the needs of those we serve, identify pain points, and urgently work towards solutions,” stated Lisa Lavender, COO at Restoration Technical Institute. 

Embracing Brinkerhoff’s HPLJ (High-Performance Learning Journey) methodologies, based on four decades of extensive research, and informed by the outcomes of traditional approaches, our methods harness the power of social learning. They tap into an organization’s institutional knowledge, foster alignment, engage supervisors and learners, and dismantle the barriers entrenched in conventional training methods. 

Learning is an ongoing journey within our organizations, whether deliberate or incidental. Whether learners engage in live courses, eLearning, or follow a Learning Path, formal learning interventions, combined with a culture that embraces the value of consistent on-the-job training and social learning, forge pathways to success in roles and career progression, benefiting not only individuals but supervisors, teams, and organizations. 

Recognizing that bridging the gap between learning and application accelerates results and outcomes, our resource library provides users access to an extensive repository of training materials, checklists, SOPs, and job aids. These resources facilitate just-in-time learning and serve as vital job aids in day-to-day operations. READ MORE. 

About Restoration Technical Institute: 

Since 2012, Restoration Technical Institute has been an approved IICRC school that provides world-class training designed for those who serve the restoration, cleaning, and industries related to the built environment. Offering three ways to learn through a digital training solution, live classes, and self-paced eLearning we provide knowledge, passion, and inspiration for the success of individuals and companies. We promote the application of Standards of Care, process, and best practices. We believe in inspiring happiness, pride, and innovation in others. 


1. Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide to Designing High Performance Learning Journeys, by Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Anne M. Apking, and Edward W. Boon. 

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