Restorers Set a Record Raising OVER 72,000 NEW Socks for Local Charities


Since 2020, skilled trades have been competing to see who can raise the most pairs of new socks for local charitable organizations. In 2021 teams from On Side Restoration joined The DYOJO Podcast Annual SOCKTember NEW Sock-Raising Challenge to expand the effort into an international challenge. This year C&R Magazine joined the effort as a sock-raising competitor as well as incorporating the event into their Restoring Kindness initiative.

SOCKTember History

In the year of the shutdown, several contractors in Washington State gathered together to source a creative way to reach out to customers, engage their communities, and inspire their teams. SOCKTember started with the simple idea of having fun and doing good with the added incentive of competing against fellow contractors to see who could raise the most pairs of NEW socks to donate to local charities.

  • In 2020, the first year of SOCKTember, four teams in Washington State raised over 5,500 pairs of socks and donated them to deserving local charities.

  • In 2021, the second year of SOCKTember, 39 teams in 2 countries raised over 66,000 pairs of socks and donated them to local charities. Sisters for Socks out of Seattle, Washington became a two time winner beating 2nd place by 2 pairs of socks as they raised 8,506 pairs of new socks.

  • In 2021, On Side Restoraiton’s Laval office became the first international winner. Their small local team set a record that has yet to be beat accumulating 11,160 pairs of new socks.

SOCKTember Annual Results (Years Past)

Year 1: 2020

Year 2: 2021

  • 66,435 pairs of NEW socks raised and donated

  • 1,030 pairs of new shoes raised and donated – Culture Sock (San Diego, CA) – Born to Repair 

  • Winner: BACK to BACK Sisters for Socks (Seattle, WA) – Reliable Contents and ServiceMaster of Tacoma raised 8,506 pairs of NEW socks

  • Nation: Canada edges out the United States raising 34,129 to 32,306

  • State: Washington raises 25,982

Year 3: 2022

  • 57,791 pairs of NEW socks raised and donated

  • Winner: On Side Restoration – Laval sets a new record raising 11,160 pairs of NEW socks

  • Nation: Canada soundly beats the United States raising 38,891

  • State: Washington raises 16,655

SOCKTember 2023 Results

State vs. State

This year SOCKTember added many new states, including Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. Thanks to the addition of Advanced Disaster Recovery (ADRI) New Jersey made a run at the state title raising 5,639 pairs of NEW socks but was beaten by four-time states champion Washington with a total of 6,069.

Nation vs. Nation (RECORD)

Since their emergence in the competition in 2021, Canada has proven to be a fierce competitor at the national and team level. In truth, they have been only widening the gap in most categories in large part due to the involvement of the engagement from the On Side Restoration headquarters as well as the drive of the individual offices. Canada set a new national record raised 44,797 pairs of NEW socks.

2023 Total NEW Socks Raised (RECORD)

Thirty eight teams, many of whom were new to the competition, worked diligently during the month of September to enlist their teams and communities to help them raise socks. Graham Auto Repair (WA) and Triple D (WA) went out on their own, with the Graham team gathering automotive professionals from several states to represent the efforts of their industry. Rare Restoration(CO) and  Ironclad Restoration Marketing (FL) also formed their own teams to represent their home states. SOCKTember 2023 set a new world record raising and donating 72,441 pairs of NEW socks. In four years this brings the total of NEW socks raised and donated to charitable organizations to 202,167.

2023 Awards and Top 5 Teams

  • Rookie of the Year – Graham Auto Repair formed their own team and brought in several automotive repair offices in the network from around the United States to raise and donate 3,473 pairs of NEW socks

  • Most Improved – On Side Restoration – Surrey nearly tripled their totals from last year raising and donating 2,939 pairs of NEW socks

  • You Can Do It – While it is fun to raise large quantities of socks, in our first year we thought we would have accomplished something amazing if we raised 1,000 pairs of socks collectively. The YCDI award recognizes the team that raises the closest to 1,000 pairs of socks. This year Advanced Disaster Recovery – Marlborough office (Newcomer) hit the number right on the mark.

  • Fifth Place – Advanced Disaster Recovery – Fairfield office (Newcomer) raised and donated 5,130 pairs of NEW socks

  • Fourth Place – On Side Restoration – London office raised and donated 5,289 pairs of NEW socks

  • Third Place – On Side Restoration – Edmonton office raised and donated 6,011 pairs of NEW socks

  • Second Place – On Side Restoration – Chilliwack office raised and donated 6,137 pairs of NEW socks

SOCKTember 2023 WINNER

This years winner joined the competition in 2021 and hit the ground running as the fourth place finisher with 4,532. In 2022 they nearly doubled their NEW sock haul raising and donating 8,144 pairs of NEW socks but were overtaken by a team that went from 36 pairs in 2021 to setting the all time record in 2022, On Side Restoration – Laval. Finally, after elevating the quantity of socks raised year after year, On Side Restoration – Red Deer takes home the SOCKTember 2023 trophy by raising the second highest total ever at 10,794 pairs of NEW socks. Congratulations to On Side Restoration and the fiercely competitive team of do-gooders at the Red Deer office!

Restoring Kindness and SOCKTember 2024

The DYOJO Podcast and C&R Magazine want to thank all of those who participated, donated, and helped spread the word. Check out the Restoring Kindness website to register your team for the traditional Spring Restoring Kindness event as well as the Fall SOCKTember (September) event for next year. Let’s continue to have some fun, do a lot of good, and help promote all of the good things that our industry does in our local communities.

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