Restoring Kindness in Action


How many of us, each day, bypass opportunities or a chance to show generosity and kindness? 

We have all seen the elderly woman in the grocery store who is searching for a few pennies to buy her cat’s food, or the single mom who is struggling to carry the diaper bag, folding chair, and toddler while walking to her son’s baseball game 10 minutes late. Opportunities to restore kindness in our worlds are all around if we take a moment to look.  

The dictionary defines restoring kindness as “to bring back the quality of being generous and considerate.”  

As restorers, our job is to bring the quality of comfort, calmness, peace of mind, and wholeness back, not only to the physical places, but to the person as well. We are in the business of people.  

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.” – Mohandas Gandhi, 1913.  

The power of intentional kindness will bring forth contagious change in your world. They say if you want to see change, you must be the change first.  

According to Great Places to Work, employees are looking for a higher purpose in their day-to-day jobs, and they are looking toward employers to create that culture of giving back. Great Places to Work surveyed more than 350,000 employees to reveal a strong link between employee morale and retention to a giving employer. 

Employees who felt their employers made a positive impact on the world were:  

  • 4 times more likely to give extra to get job done 
  • 11 times more likely to stay with organizations 
  • 14 times more likely to look forward to coming to work daily 

If you are looking for that “magic” thing to help with retention and recruiting, a restoring kindness culture may be the one thing missing from your company! 

In May, Restoring Kindness USA is kicking off! C&R Magazine is kicking off Restoring Kindness to give back to the people and our communities. This initiative is to engage and challenge your company to give small acts of kindness in your community.  

Restoring Kindness to someone does not require money. It simply takes time and a genuine heart with intentional purpose, expecting nothing in return. It will only cost a small part of your time. Pulling weeds from a neighbor’s flower bed or simply sitting with an elderly neighbor having a simple conversation is free. Giving up 30 minutes of your time will give you the gift of joy. 

At Guarantee Restoration Services, we have collected and donated to local food banks, helped restore homes of the elderly, washed the vehicles of doctors and nurses at local hospitals, held a school supply drive, and various other small acts. We never expected anything in return, but man, it felt so good to see the smiles and hear many thank yous. 

As a company, start a food drive, back to school donations, visit the assisted living facility, volunteer at the homeless shelter, donate blankets and clothes to battered woman’s shelter, start holding volunteer or community days, begin a mentorship at the Boys and Girls Club… the possibilities are limitless.  

Create a culture to bring back the quality of generosity and consideration and begin to integrate restoring kindness as a core value within your company. I promise you will see a happier and more productive team operation.  

As companies compete for the best talent and workforce, it is time for employers to look towards the heart of their culture. As my momma always said, it is better to give than receive. Restoring Kindness inspires intentional giving and purpose to serve the communities we live in daily.  

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Marcie Richardson

With over 20 years of HR experience, Marcie understands the struggles companies face in compliance regulation and policy structure. She recognizes that effective company culture and policies start with how we treat employees. As the Director of Human Resources for Guarantee Restoration Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she values the need for a strong company culture to ensure operational continuity. Marcie obtained her IICRC in WRT and ASD because she believes to truly understand the needs of each employee, you need to understand their job. Marcie also holds a Louisiana Department of Insurance License in Health, Life & Accident.

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