RIA Fall Technical Conference Now ON DEMAND

If you missed RIA’s Virtual Fall Technical Conference when it was presented live last week, you are in luck! On-demand access is NOW available to view through Friday, December 31.
Don’t let time run out on this opportunity to access the educational programming led by industry experts on topics such as managing complex losses, moisture mapping, technology in the claims process, overhead, and more. If you’re a restoration project manager or estimator, you won’t want to miss this content-rich program. Viewing is unlimited, so you can watch your favorite sessions over and over again!

Speaker: Josh Miller, RIA Education Committee Chair
How to Run Commercial & Complex Losses
Speakers: Klark Brown & Craig Powers
Project Assessment: PACM and What We Don’t Know!!!
Speaker: David Hodge
Should You Use Moisture Documentation Software?
Speakers: Jeremy Reets, Josh Smith, Bob Timmel, and Jeremy Newman
Using Technology for the Best Possible Outcome in the Claims Process
Moderator: Michelle Blevins
Panel: Adam Sanborn & Ryan Pilata
What’s in Overhead? Is 10% Enough?
Speaker: Debbie Bogar
Soft Skills for Working with Customers and Running Your Crews
Speaker: Annissa Coy
Fostering Accountability & Clear Lines of Communication
Speaker: Brad Heise
Addressing Burnout: How to Manage Priorities & Increase Quality of Life
Speaker: Tim Williamson
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