Stellar Service Brands Recognizes and Honors ‘Women in the Trades’ at 2022 Convention


Stellar Service Brands, a multi-brand service organization that includes Restoration 1, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, The Driveway Company and Softroc, recently recognized “Women in the Trades” during a cocktail hour at the Stellar Service Brands Convention in Fort Worth, TX. Stellar Service Brands gathered nearly 60 women in the industry to celebrate the extraordinary strides female skilled workers and business owners are making in the male-dominated trade industry.

(Pictured: all attendees from Stellar Service Brands’ “Women in the Trades” cocktail reception at the 2022 Stellar Service Brands Convention in Fort Worth, TX)

“It was fantastic to bring together and recognize the amazing women in attendance and share their wins as they pave the way for more women in trades,” said Sherry Rose, chief executive officer of Stellar Service Brands. “Stellar Service Brands will continue to ensure the women within our network and our industries feel supported and have the tools they need to succeed. Recent studies have shown that women are often the key decision makers in regards to home maintenance, despite the industry being primarily male-dominated. Our goal is to inspire more women to bring their insight and expertise to the industry and equip them with the resources to leverage their knowledge and become business owners themselves.”

Claire Smith and Becky Gibson, the duo behind the first women-owned Restoration 1 franchise in Des Moines, IA, were in attendance at the convention.

“Since joining the industry we have been surprised with how few women are in the trades. I think the best approach is to set the example that women are in this business, women are in this industry, and there is space for everyone to learn and be successful in the work that they do,” said Smith. “We’re thankful for Stellar Service Brands’ commitment to helping share the message of how women can be successful in trade and for providing a space for women to network and be recognized for their successes in the profession.”

Stellar Service Brands is poised to continue its equitable priority of empowering and recognizing the amazing women within their network, their industries and trades.

To learn more about opening a franchise with Stellar Service Brands, visit Restoration 1bluefrog Plumbing + DrainThe Driveway Company, or Softroc.

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