Superstratum Announces Release of White Paper on Mycotoxins, the Poisons Naturally Produced By Mold


The prevalence and danger of these chemicals in water damaged building highlights the importance of tests conducted by Wonder Makers Environmental proving that a specifically formulated hypochlorous acid cleaner really does remove those cancer-causing substances.

November 2023 – Superstratum, a disruptive innovator in the field of mold and mycotoxin solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest white paper detailing the effectiveness of Superstratum Hypochlorous Acid in the removal of mycotoxins. The research, conducted in collaboration with Wonder Makers Environmental, a renowned indoor environmental consulting agency, provides compelling evidence of Superstratum’s hypochlorous acid’s potential in addressing indoor mycotoxin contamination,

Mycotoxins, toxic compounds produced by certain molds, pose significant health risks to both humans and animals. Their presence in indoor environments can lead to a range of health issues, from allergic reactions to severe systemic diseases and autoimmune disorders. The need for effective solutions to mitigate these toxins has never been more pressing. Though, until now, there have been no proven, viable solutions for addressing this problem.

  • The white paper provides a detailed description of mycotoxins, their prevelance in water damaged buildings, and their dangers. It then delves deep into the methodology, results, and implications of the tests of Superstratum’s Hypochlorous Acid Cleaner Pro product and its SMRT Protocol. Key findings include: High Efficacy: Superstratum hypochlorous acid demonstrated a significant reduction in mycotoxin levels across various concentrations and conditions.
  • Safety Profile: Unlike other chemical agents, Superstratum hypochlorous acid presents minimal risks to human health and the environment when used appropriately.
  • Broad Spectrum: The tests indicated that hypochlorous acid is effective against a wide range of mycotoxins, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

“We are thrilled to share these findings with the broader scientific and industrial community,” said Seth Jones, CEO of Superstratum. “The collaboration with Wonder Makers Environmental has been instrumental in validating the potential of our hypochlorous acid and SMRT Protocol as a game-changer in the fight against mycotoxins.”

Superstratum remains committed to pushing the boundaries of environmental science and offering solutions that are both effective and sustainable. The company believes that this white paper will serve as a foundation for further research and development in the field of mycotoxin mitigation.

The white paper is now available for download on Superstratum’s official website: 

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