The Experience Convention & Trade Show: Jam-Packed + Budget-Friendly


The Experience Convention and Trade Show is set for action on September 6-10, 2022, with the convention and trade show on the 7th – 9th and additional pre- and post-event classes on the 6th and 10th.  

What HASN’T changed for 2022?

We remain committed to make this event affordable for every company and individual! The price for the full convention and trade show is as low as ever at just $349!

The program features five tracks of education, and the trade show has dozens of live demonstrations scheduled. 

What HAS changed for 2022?

  • The location has moved to the brand new Caesar’s Forum Conference Center.
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel is the host hotel.  This is not Caesar’s Hotel. Caesar’s Hotel is across the street so be sure to book into Harrah’s or you will be walking quite a distance. 
  • The industry’s largest party has been moved to Wednesday, instead of Thursday night! Why? We want to celebrate with everyone right up front and then give our attendees some time to experience Las Vegas at night.

What will you Experience?

The Experience educational programs will feature five concurrent classroom tracks taught by some of the industry’s best instructors and guest experts who will share much needed valuable information. The featured keynote is Attorney Ed Cross. Ed will present on the Science of Communication, Documentation and Follow Through. We will also feature Les Cunningham and James Mannes in a live interview on stage on Wednesday’s general session with Larry Cooper.

The hands–on and live demonstrations in the exhibit hall are set. The hands-on sections are led by Shawn Bisaillon, Rick Ruch,  and the Experience team. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Health and Wellness Pavilion. Learn about your immune system and how it defends and protects you from pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and toxins.

There will be additional pre- and post-conference classes available on September 6th and 10th.  Be sure to register for these online as well or call our office at 888-881-1001.

“Our conventions and trade shows continue to thrive, and our attendees get to see, try out and buy the latest and best equipment, products and management & marketing information available,” said Jennifer Wilkinson, Experience Show Manager. “We want to shout out a huge thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors for supporting this show which enables us to continue to keep the registration prices lower for attendees.  The Cincinnati Show was packed and the hands-on demos were extremely popular.”

Registration is open at or 888-881-1001.

The Harrah’s Hotel still has some rooms left, but book them today on our website at the venue link.

The Experience Team has begun production work for the next show, The Experience Conference and Exhibition at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, May 8-10, 2023. Look for updates on the Experience website soon. 

Come join the Experience Team for another Great Experience! 

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