The Importance of Being Omnipresent


Have you ever had anyone tell you “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket?” If so, then most likely you ignored them or rolled your eyes – just another old, outdated adage, right? Well, I am here to tell you that they’re right, unless you’re literally putting eggs into a basket I suppose. But when it comes to marketing your restoration or cleaning business, you need to heed that advice. Think about it, in the past you may have been very successful running Facebook ads to get inbound leads. Now you solely rely on them, ignoring other channels, or you may simply buy leads from some of the big name lead gen providers. But what happens when those channels dry up? Where will you turn to keep your trucks on the road? 

Last year, Facebook and Instagram experienced major outages nationwide, and in 2019 through most of 2020, their AI was flagging seemingly every ad that was run and suspending business accounts. So, if you only ran Facebook ads you were out of luck for a bit. On the other hand, if you solely bought leads, then I am sure you felt them drying up last year much like a lot of other people did when the big lead gen sources were experiencing issues delivering. 

I think it goes without saying that you need to have a plan B, C, D, and even a plan E to get leads so you can maintain a steady flow and ensure you continue to grow your business. Relying too heavily on any one single channel for getting leads is going to bite you in the you know what at some point, so what do you do? You diversify. But how? Allow me to introduce you to what I like to call The Digital Omnipresence Method or Omni Channel Approach to Marketing your Restoration Business.

In today’s market, everyone is online. Whether scrolling through social media, making major purchasing decisions, self-diagnosing terminal illness on WebMD, or looking for someone to remediate property damage, most of our attention is online and your online visibility is key. Remember, almost every buying decision flows through a cell phone or a computer, which presents a lot of great opportunities for people who want to connect with their target consumers. But you do not want to limit yourselves to just online channels, you got to spread those eggs around even more.

Below are just some of the channels you NEED to be focusing on to maximize your visibility and be an omnipresent business:

  • Dominate the search engines: When someone needs to find a home services vendor, they turn to where 99% of people turn to on the internet, Google. Having that page 1 placement is key. Below are the top ways to take over page 1 and get those leads flowing.
    • Website: Your website is the window into your business in this ever-growing online marketplace. It should be the hub and destination for all your digital channels combined. Your website should target the customer you want to reach with the services you want to sell. A professional website with the correct content, user experience, and conversion fundamentals can eliminate a lot of the fears people have and help them make you their first choice.
    • SEO: Having a website without a strategic search engine optimization (SEO) program in place is like printing the best business cards in the world but never taking them out of the box. If you have a website (you should) then you need to drive traffic to that website. SEO is the process of ranking your website at the top of the organic search results on search engines. With 98% of people seeking home services on search engines, having that page 1 visibility is key in creating a perpetual lead flow. SEO can take some time to rank well, think of it like a garden that you’re tending, waiting to harvest those leads when things kick off.
    • PPC: If SEO is like a garden, then PPC is the grocery store. Pay per click is an important channel you need to invest in. While you’re waiting for your SEO garden to grow, you can get leads now by utilizing pay per click with Google.
    • Google Maps: Top level rankings on Google maps is the bread and butter of home service type businesses like Restoration and Cleaning companies. To do so you need an optimized Google Business Profile. Properly leveraging your Google Business Profile will get you those maps rankings and help your organic rankings as well.
    • Google LSA: LSA, like PPC, is another grocery store, but instead of paying per click, you’re paying per qualified lead that comes in. The process of getting approved for Google’s LSA program is cumbersome, but well worth it in the end if you can properly respond to leads and budget permits.
  • Industry Associations: Join all the pertinent industry associations. Do some research into the national and regional associations that make sense for your business and get involved. By joining associations like the IICRC or the RIA, you’re telling the world you are invested in your business and you adhere to the standards they set. Be sure to add that information to your website to show off to potential customers and build more trust. Join all your local organizations that have to do with cleaning and restoration. Go to trade shows, meet people. Don’t look at other companies as your competition. Look at them as either a mentorship or even a lesson in what you shouldn’t be doing.
  • Social Media: You know you can leverage social media to get more work, right? Yes! Make sure you’re active on the social media channels your target customers are on. Post regularly and engage with them. Show off some work, post some testimonials, and every so often ask for the sale. Try to provide value with your social media channels rather than sell your services. Social media is a great way to keep your business at the top of people’s minds.
  • Video: Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? Not only that but people are more likely to watch a video than read text, so having videos about your company and its services on your website can pay big dividends for rankings and for building trust with your audience.
  • Build relationships: Even though we are living in the digital age, mixing in some old school methods is important too. Drop off some coffee and donuts to property managers, plumbers, roofers, and general contractors. Shake some hands, donate to some charitable events, sponsor a local sports team. Just get out there and make your business known in your service area. Be a farmer, not a consumer. 

In the big picture of growing your business and getting leads, having the above items in order will get you much further ahead than most. Beware of having shiny new object syndrome and focus on taking up as much real estate with your brand as possible. Be consistent, be vigilant, and be omnipresent.

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Benjamin Ricciardi

Benjamin Ricciardi is the founder of Ironclad Restoration Marketing, A Restoration Industry specific marketing company based in South Florida. Benjamin also hosts The Restoration Rundown Podcast, a podcast that is focused on everything related to marketing and owning a Restoration Business. Connect with Benjamin and Ironclad Restoration Marketing on social media for the latest tips and tricks on how to grow your Restoration Business.




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