There’s a Lot of Technology in Restoration. What Does a Restorer Need to Consider to be Successful?


“Focus on what is in your control in your organization. Having an awareness and preparing for changes and pressure from outside your organization is healthy, but balance it with a keen focus on the innovation, culture, processes, and efficiency in your own operations.”
– Lisa Lavender, COO, Restoration Technical Institute, VP Operations Design, iRestore

“Innovation should be driven by the frontline people that are actually using these tools. In order for us to better innovate on the restore-tech side, we need feedback and open discussions with restorers.”
– Ryan Pritchard, Sales Manager, Canam Systems, PSA

“Stay open-minded about how you’re going to be hiring, about looking at new tech, about what’s going on around you. If you stick your head in the mud, and you try to be resistant to change, you’re just gonna get run over.”
– Josh Bachman, Business Development Advisor, Violand Management Associate

“Manage your overheads, reduce your costs, and invest in operational efficiency. Start looking at ways to automate processes and become more of a flat organization. Leverage technology to get you there.”
– Kevin Dooley, CEO, Kahi

“This industry is changing very fast and margins will always be under pressure. If you’re running your business with the mindset that you’re gonna do what you’ve always done and be successful, it’s going to be really hard.”
– Rachel Stewart, CEO, Foundation, Xcelerate Restoration Software


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