Using the S500 to Get Paid


Scott Whitaker, owner of Restoration 1 of Spokane, leans heavily into our industry’s most popular standard to get paid: the ANSI/IICRC S500.

Whitaker is a big believer in training and education, and makes sure his team understands the scope, purpose, and application of the Standard. This includes knowing which section(s) of the S500 they should be using to bring in experts like IEPs, backing up work that needs to be done on a loss, writing accurate estimates, refusing to back down to adjuster pressure, and more.

His franchise is the top performer in the system, and his commitment to training his team and understanding how to best serve the customer are clear.

In this episode, Scott shares his processes to serve the customer and get paid, how he handles relationships with adjusters, ALEs, and more.

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