Why Should I Hire A Coach?


Everyone benefits from coaching, and yet almost everyone lacks the sales and marketing skills for 2022 and the new decade. Most are caught up in trying to do it the way it was done in 1990 or 2000. Even worse are those that had success in the latter part of the 1980’s and 90’s and think that’s how they need to do it now! 

The world has dramatically changed and so have marketing strategies. Consumers have also changed significantly, and what worked then is not acceptable now. I’ve worked with hundreds of marketers over the past dozen years, and there is one important thing I’ve learned: What salespeople and marketing reps did – and did OK ten years ago – are NO LONGER an appropriate or effective today.

The Web and Google

Around 12 (or 15) years ago, when the internet was just starting to evolve, websites were designed to provide lots of good technical and product details. Salespeople provided critical product and services information and the better they were, the more they sold. You can now throw that entire strategy out the window. Yes, you need a website, but it must be consumer directed and appeal to their emotions. 

The salesperson (or marketer) isn’t bringing a lot of technical details to the buying or referring public.  Today, the consumer, (or even the insurance agent or plumbing company has already Googled you and your services, and likely know more about it that you do!  The public today can check Google on their phone and find what they want to know in a matter of minutes. They don’t need you to tell them that information all over again.

In addition, too many websites today are “all about the company” and demonstrate how much ego they have. Your website has to be about what the client cares about, and less about you, your ego, and pictures of your vehicles and equipment all lined up nicely in your parking lot.

Your CRM

When you are marketing in this new world in 2022 and beyond, you must understand the customers pains, speak to their emotions, and tell stories that make the consumer the hero.  Even better is when you actively engage them on social media and engage in a “conversation” online.  

Further, you will want to segment and narrow your client and prospect base in your CRM so that you can reach targeted people and engage them on their terms. Your CRM data is now unbelievably valuable. Social media plays a huge part in the new selling and marketing world, so don’t overlook it.  Remember that businesses don’t buy or refer your services – their people do.


As society and the buying culture changes, we’ve learned over the past five or so years that as these changes are happening so must the marketer who is trying to reach that audience. It was recently stated by a national research group, that 75% of the workforce will be Millennials within the next few years! (Millennials in the Workplace Statistics: Generational Disparities in 2022)

We’ve learned that millennials are far more willing to learn and apply new marketing processes and embrace the new consumer style of doing business.  Maybe it’s because that’s how they do things, so it’s easier to embrace today’s marketing and relationship methods.

Proper Training

 It constantly amuses us when we hear about the “rah, rah, rah, – boom, boom, boom pump it up – fist in the air – motivational seminars. They absolutely get the adrenaline cranking during these seminars, but we’ve learned those pumped-up personal emotions just don’t last. Often, a few days

after they’ve attended some high-energy enthusiasm building event – they are back to their old self.

Coaching can include a component of motivation to build the person up, but there has to be substance and strategy, or it doesn’t last.  The best way to become an effective ultra-high performer in today’s world is to learn things like the following: 

  • How to prioritize and qualify prospects
  • How to get to the decision maker
  • Understanding and using a Summary Move (elevator pitch)
  • Storytelling as a powerful strategy
  • Why you need to “Drop the Rope”
  • Using Disruptive Truths to get their attention
  • How and why to ASK for the sale
  • Creating your own strong personal brand

Most restoration marketers barge in the front door, leave a brochure and their business card, and roll back out the door. STOP DOING THAT! You are destroying your best opportunities for repeat referrals.  You need to build a more emotional connection and provide legitimate value.  Cookies and candy, pens and coffee mugs just don’t do that. 

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Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner has served the Restoration Industry for over 25 years. Dick serves as the President of the SCRT, and he is also on the executive board of Donate4Kids Foundation – a non-profit foster children organization in Florida. In addition, he is also a Florida State appointed Guardian ad Litem as a foster child advocate.

As one of the co-founders of the CREST Network, he works closely with marketers on weekly Zoom calls coaching them on the best way to build client referrals. Dick lives in Southwest Florida with his wife of 34 years.

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