Actionable Insights Releases Innovative Xactimate Profile, Changing the Future of Property Insurance Estimates


The newly released Actionable Xactimate Profile, an estimating solution that provides equal credence to overages as well as omissions within an estimate, will help create better outcomes for Policyholders, Carriers, and Contractors alike. With its ability to guide estimators and adjusters towards a complete and thorough scope of work, the Actionable Xactimate Profile is changing the way that estimates are written at the highest levels. 

Insurance carriers have been creating their own Xactimate profiles for decades. Insurance Program agreements administered by Third Party Administrators prescribe that Contractors use these carrier-specific Xactimate Profiles when writing scopes within a program work environment. These Xactimate profiles manipulate the graphical estimating waste calculations and provide Inspection Engine overages rules that are Carrier-centric to a fault. Actionable Insights believes the fact that the Actionable Xactimate Profile gives equal credence to both overages as well as omissions will help reduce cycle times, champion a spirit of fairly settled claims, and ensure reasonable profits. 

The new Xactimate profile has been tested thoroughly by industry professionals, giving users expertly crafted estimates from the get-go. 

“I wrote my first estimate in the Actionable Profile, a simple $25,000 flooring estimate,” noted Derek Stone, Senior Estimator & Project Manager of Midwest Remediation. “It found three omissions that I didn’t think of. Actionable Insights has made a beast of an estimating tool; I am impressed.” 

The new Actionable Xactimate profile is built on the Insight Sheet Database which is comprised of Xactimate estimating and invoicing templates for Mitigation and Repair activities performed in property insurance. 

This exciting new release comes in response to increased demand in the labor market for Estimators, Project Managers, and Staff Adjusters. Property insurance professionals can now leverage the Actionable Xactimate Profile to catch overages and omissions while also pointing the user to more accurate line items, ultimately decreasing the amount of time spent estimating and reviewing/refining scopes of work. The Actionable Xactimate Profile provides industry professionals the ability to manage more estimates than before, helping lessen the burden for this skilled labor. At the Restoration Industry Association Conference in 2021, Restoration Contractors said the biggest problem the industry faces is a shortage of labor. “The construction industry had 396,000 job openings in March 2022, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of data released (May 3, 2022) by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Industry job openings increased by 13,000 in March and are up 60,000 from the same time last year” said Cleaning & Restoration Magazine, the oldest trade publication specifically dedicated to the cleaning and restoration industry. 

Along with this release, Actionable Insights continues to offer a number of tools and resources for estimating and geospatial technology. 

This new tool will change the way property insurance losses are estimated forever.

To speak with an Actionable Insights representative or set up an interview, please contact Cole Marting at or 760-994-5043. Be sure to follow along on social media using the hashtag #ActionableXactProfile. 

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