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BUILDING SCIENCE is the study of the materials and systems that go into buildings; how heat, air, moisture, and energy affect building performance.  Applying this science to the design and construction of sustainable buildings is Building Science Engineering. AABSS is a 2-day regional seminar on building science where architects, building officials, engineers, contractors, and suppliers will learn how the latest developments in materials, products, and code are impacting construction trends in hot-humid climates.

Dr. Joseph Lstiburek returns this year for both days at AABSS2023. It has been several years since we have hosted Dr. Joe and he has created new material and publication since then. Meet Jr. Joe in person at the Building Science Winter Break on Tuesday ,January 24, 2023 immediately following the first day sessions.

Renowned speakers and Engaging Topics

AABSS2023 Special Event – Pioneers of Building Science

The AABSS 2023 stage will host a very special reunion of groundbreaking building scientists Joseph Lstiburek, Gary Nelson, Neil Moyer, and John Tooley. Join us as they will share their experiences, discoveries and adventures together as they solved building science issues across the USA and developed methods and standards we still use today.They will answer our questions and offer us advise. Meet them in person and share food and drinks immediately following the event on Tuesday, January 24.

January 24-25, 2023
Naples Hilton
5111 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida

Register here for AABSS 2023 today!

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