Benefits of Commercial & Industrial Restoration After Fire or Water Damage


Staring at the aftermath of a fire or water incident can make anyone panic. In residential and commercial settings, the first instinct is often to replace everything instead of restoration. In many situations, restoring small engine equipment or vital machinery is the right option.

Cost Effective

  • Small engine and machinery restoration often comes down to cost. When considering expenses, remember there’s more to the price tag than the machinery itself. Consider any additional retraining or certification that may be required with the purchase of new equipment.

Reduced Downtime

  • Money is money, but time is money, too. Prism Specialties offers on-site restoration to eliminate transportation time. By putting technicians on-site, we can also inform facility managers about our progress and how each step of the process affects other business systems. Moreover, restoring damaged machinery and equipment on-site can also help businesses maintain their workflow and reduce disruptions caused by downtime. This is especially crucial for companies that rely heavily on specific equipment for their day-to-day operations.


  • Old, out-of-date machines may be worth replacing. But newer, more modern equipment that’s damaged may have years of production left hanging in the balance. In some cases, restoration offers a minimal expense in exchange for years and even decades of further use, helping businesses and municipalities realize the long-term value of their original equipment fleet purchases.

Avoid Financing a Replacement

  • In some situations, insurance may not cover the total cost of replacement. That can make budgeting for equipment replacement more difficult. Restoration helps businesses avoid making a substantial outright purchase or paying interest on long-term financing options.

Customized Solutions 

  • Prism Specialties can also provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Restoration can be performed on-site, or the equipment can be restored in a Prism Specialties facility. We can work with you to determine the best action and tailor our services to fit your budget and timeline. This process ensures you get the most value from your restoration investment.

At Prism Specialties, our recovery specialists can perform effective on-site restoration on small engines, electronics, industrial equipment, and heavy machinery.

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