Exclusive Contents Restoration Networking Event for Owners & Managers


WE AIM to SPUR YOU ON to the NEXT LEVEL of your Contents Division!

Join us May 23-27 at the Covered S Ranch in Snyder, TX for an unforgettable event exclusively for owners and managers. This is a great way to reward your team! You will have plenty of FREE TIME to enjoy all the aspects of the ranch – no need to leave once you arrive!

This exclusive event is limited to 20 people! The first 5 to register will receive a free helicopter tour of the ranch!


Moderated by:  Barb Jackson, CR – Consultant, Trainer – TOTAL CONTENTZ
Hosted by: Chet Pharies, Owner, – CT RESTORATION & COVERED S RANCH

The Venue

The entire hacienda is reserved for this exclusive Total Contentz event.  Escape the grind for a few days…. come to learn, plan your next growth stage of your contents division, share ideas, network with other restoration contractors, and, of course, …. RELAX and HAVE FUN!

Read more about the agenda here.

In your free time, outside of the workshops, you are free to choose an included activity – skeet shooting, target shooting, varmint hunting, hiking, or explore the ranch by Jeep or ATV.

Feel free to bring your own RV, four-wheeler or horse for some adventure or just sit and experience the awe-inspiring view of Flat Top Mesa from the porch of the Hacienda or relax in the pool.

Included in the cost of your accommodations:
All meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – prepared by Ed, the in-house executive chef, drinks and daily activity package.


Hosted by Chet Pharies, Owner of CT Restoration & Covered S Ranch

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