Negative Air Duct Cleaning White Paper: Original Post + NADCA Response

In January, C&R posted a news item, under Industry News, detailing the release of a short white paper called Effects of Negative Air Duct Cleaning on Flex Ducts. This did not appear under editorial content, was not paid, nor did it appear in any print editions of C&R. The entire news item was later removed from the C&R website; you can now read it below. This week, NADCA released an official response to the white paper. You can read the response below. For ease of navigation, here are links to both sections: JUMP TO WHITE PAPER JUMP TO NADCA

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Spot On Marketing in 60 Seconds – Social Media Strategy

Dive into the dynamic world of social media! From understanding your audience to selecting the right platforms and crafting engaging content, we unveil essential strategies for effective social media marketing. Learn how to be a proactive and engaged user, building authentic relationships with your followers for long-term success. Ready to harness the power of your social media?  

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Airbotx Partners with RTI to Expand Odor Removal Education

Airbotx, a leading innovator in odor removal technology, is excited to announce its partnership with the Restoration Technical Institute (RTI). The collaboration aims to empower cleaning and restoration professionals through specialized education in the latest odor removal technology.  The partnership with RTI reflects Airbotx’s commitment to enhancing the proficiency of cleaning and restoration professionals in effectively utilizing their state-of-the-art odor removal machines. By joining forces with this renowned training institution, Airbotx aims to provide professionals with a structured curriculum that covers the technical aspects of operating Airbotx’s machines, best practices, and industry-specific case studies. 

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New Technology, Tools, and Techniques for Fire Restoration and Clean-Up

Experienced cleaning and restoration professionals understand that the process of rehabilitating a property in the aftermath of a fire is an inherently challenging task, often considered one of the most difficult. Beyond addressing the structural damage and consequent rebuilding that needs to take place, professionals must also contend with scorch marks, lingering smokey odors, and other related issues. Indeed, the evidence of a fire can linger long after the flames have been extinguished and the property rebuilt. Stubborn stains and odors can often persist, making the property unsightly, unpleasant, and sometimes even unlivable.  Fortunately,

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Trust in the Workplace: It’s More Than Just Experience, It’s About Keeping Promises

Hey there! Let’s settle into our favorite coffee shop corner and dive into a topic that’s been swirling around in my head. If we don’t have trust from another person in a relationship, it’s almost certain we have no influence, and we can all agree you can’t lead effectively without influence. Today, we’re talking about trust in the workplace and how this old concept is taking on new meanings in our fast-paced, information-rich world. The Information Age and Trust Rewind to 40 years ago, pre-internet. Picture a lawyer with exclusive access to legal texts

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Restoration M&A is Important to Your Business Long Before Any Sale

Chances are, you’re a small business owner like me. You’re building this business that has (hopefully) seen some really great successes as well as a challenge or two. In business ownership, you’re in the trenches. You’re making the important decisions that impact the bottom line and the lives of others. You’re in the present most of the time and looking ahead means looking to the next quarter, next project, next expansion. There’s another side to business ownership, and it’s one I spend most of my time in. Healthy businesses are watching what’s happening in

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Genuine Care & Staying Present | Restoration Master Class Episode 2

Dive into the essential non-technical skills crucial for success in today’s dynamic world in season THREE of our Restoration Master Class series, in partnership with our sponsor AnswerForce! Two times each month, we will drop quick, new episodes on different topics related to Power Skills – with different industry guests! In the second episode, Mandy Rewis, Business Development Leader at Answerforce, talks Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam, about: The extensive experience in the industry and at FRSTeam Speaking at INTRConnect on Navigating the workforce Most important power skill in franchising Advice & tips for

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Let the Structure Speak

We hear in insurance claim disputes that contractors and carriers should keep in mind who their client is. The inference being that they should hold the interest of the policyholder over all else. While this is true in a contractual sense, it isn’t the defining precedent when it comes to damage assessment, scope creation, or claims negotiation.  As the details of the project are being uncovered, all parties should be mindful in allowing the structure to speak for itself. When the structure speaks, it’s motives are pure When we think about motives, we have

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Restauración de Daños Por Agua – Para Restauradores con Prisa

Read this article in English Parte 2 de 8 A medida que nos aventuramos en la segunda parte de nuestra serie, reflexionamos sobre la inquietante realidad de los escenarios comunes en daños causados por agua, los cuales subrayan la necesidad crucial de entrenamiento en seguridad. Riesgos La realidad es que estos escenarios no son poco frecuentes, entonces nos preguntamos ¿Cómo se puede determinar eficazmente la presencia o ausencia de estos peligros para la salud? Realizando Pruebas. Una herramienta invaluable puede ser un contador de partículas. Mide partículas de tamaño micrométrico en el aire, que

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Water Restoration for Restorers In a Hurry

Lea el artículo en Español Part 2 of 8 As we venture into the second part of our series, we reflect on the unsettling reality of common water damage scenarios that underscore the crucial need for safety training. The question arises: How can one effectively identify and address health hazards in such situations?  Hazards The reality is that these scenarios are not uncommon, and they underscore the vital importance of safety training. The question then arises: How can you effectively determine the presence or absence of these health hazards? Well by testing. Let’s start

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