Dominate Marketing With Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps and graphics have tremendous marketing & advertising benefits for businesses across all sizes and industries, including cleaning and restoration contractors. Most businesses have no idea that vehicle graphics generate 1,000 impressions for only $0.07. Billboards reach the same audience for 6x the cost, while newspaper ads reach that audience for 38x the cost. They’re by far the most cost-efficient marketing strategy.

As an advertising tool, vehicle wraps are decals or vinyl graphics that are applied to a partial or entire painted surface of a vehicle. They’re an extremely effective method to showcase your brand and contact information.

  • They are a perfect way to target vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
  • They are the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertisement.
  • Over 98% of wrapped vehicles for businesses create a positive brand image.
  • Commercial graphics influence over 29% of buyers’ purchase decisions
  • Over 97% of Americans remember advertisements on wrapped vehicles as opposed to 20% for billboard advertisements.
  • Ads on commercial vehicles generate 77% more impressions than television ads.

Below are four ways that vehicle wraps are transforming similar restoration businesses:

1. Instant and Maximum Customer Attention

Whether you have a delivery vehicle to wrap or your own personal car, driving it around blank means you’re passing up on 11 million impressions per year. You can maximize customer awareness in your local market simply by applying vehicle graphics.

Car drivers, passengers, and passersby cannot help noticing a wrapped vehicle because it stands out from other vehicles. The longer your wrapped vehicle spends on the road, the more effective it markets your business to your prospective customers.

2. Effective Passive Advertising

In its basic form, passive advertisement eliminates the need for in-your-face marketing strategies. Passive advertisement markets your brands without overwhelming your potential customers. By wrapping your company vehicle, you have done your marketing part. Now it’s upon your passive advertisement’s viewers to choose whether to contact your organization to learn more about your products or services.

Considering vehicle wraps, passive advertisement stays true to its name. Even a parked wrapped vehicle continues attracting attention. So, clever parking or strategic positioning near buildings, malls, restaurants, or heavy foot traffic areas will always market your brand passively.

3. Cost-Efficiency

This is a no-brainer. Vehicle wraps last long. And the more often they are on the road or parked strategically, the more they will make a substantial number of impressions. Unlike typical advertising methods like the use of billboards, television, and print, vehicle wrapping does not involve costly contract renewals. Instead, it is a long-term marketing strategy that increases your brand’s visibility without purging your wallet.

What is more, you can always remove the vehicle wraps easily and replace them with updated ones.

4. Commercial Fleet Protection

Apart from giving your fleet an exciting and welcoming look, wrapping your vehicles also protects them from damage inflicted by rust, UV rays, and debris scratches. This means saving on repainting and touch-up costs. So, you will have more funds for other meaningful business growth ventures without worrying about your fleet’s appearance.

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Javier Lozano Jr.

Javier’s marketing journey began in 2008 when he launched his first B2C business. With over $300k in personal guarantees, a housing market crash and no business ownership experience, Javier quickly developed systems that generated leads on demand, net profits of over 50% and a method to close new business at 90%.

After a multi 6-figure exit, Javier entered the commercial HVAC industry and quickly helped his new company reach the top of search engines in a matter of months using novel strategies in the industry. This allowed him to generate leads and sales for companies such as Dollar General, Anheuser-Busch and other Fortune 500 companies.

Javier thrives working in industries that allow him to leverage his marketing expertise to make a giant impact. This led him to take the role of CMO at Wrapmate. In addition, he is a revenue-driven marketing leader that understands all marketing strategies needed to impact revenue at all areas of the sales funnel.

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