Intentionality + Profitability | Restoration Master Class Episode 4


Building a company with an intentional culture and purpose does not happen by accident. The more intentional you are with your company, and the decisions you make as a leader, the greater you set your entire team up for success. This, in turn, leads to higher revenues – and an overall ability to be profitable and have healthy profit margins.

In this fourth episode of the Restoration Master Class on Profitability, sponsored by Encircle, PHC Restoration CEO and current RIA Board President Katie Smith joins the conversation to share what she’s learned about the importance of intentionality in her time as a leader.

Katie covers a wide array of topics including hiring, sales and marketing, the power of no, company purpose and vision, and more.

Miss an episode? Here is what we’ve covered so far this season:

EPISODE 3: Training + Profitability
EPISODE 2: Technology + Profitability
EPISODE 1: Organizational Structure + Profitability 

Every episode is available on the C&R YouTube channel or your favorite podcast platform by searching “Restoration Master Class”.

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