Lessons from My Children: Climbing Mt. Everest


Life is full of challenges and mountains to climb, from the very day we’re born. But isn’t it amazing how we were divinely created to overcome those challenges and climb those mountains victoriously? 

We all climb mountains at different rates, often with different tools best suited to us, right? I was recently listening to a podcast on climbing Mt. Everest, and the ongoing debate between whether climbers should have supplemental oxygen, or should not. Only about 5% of climbers go without – and many say if it can be done that way, it should be because it proves ultra athleticism. Others argue better to be safe than sorry, and that the extra burden and weight is worth the effort and safety. 

Our little Luca lives life as if he’s constantly climbing Mt. Everest, and parenting him feels the same. Potty training proved especially difficult, and every technique we tried to get him to summit that mountain failed. Until we found the right reward, which was uniquely linked to growth – a “big boy” bed. One afternoon, he and I went to a nearby furniture store – and the moment he saw that bunk bed, he was hooked. Within three weeks, he had fully conquered potty training and earned that bed. It was some of the best money my husband and I ever spent – and look at that face!

So what’s my point here? My point is we all climb Everest in a different way, with different preferences on how to get there, but those who don’t give up DO get there. The experience with Luca was a great reminder that every individual on our team is different, and motivated differently. So if you are trying to incentivize your team, are you doing things that actually matter to them, or just throwing $25 gas cards at them and hoping it will stick? The rewards don’t have to be as big as a bed – but they do have to be meaningful, and put air in their lungs (metaphorically, of course) as they summit that mountain for your company. 

How will you help your team climb their current Everest?

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Michelle Blevins

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Michelle Blevins

Michelle BlevinsMichelle Blevins is a content creator, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur whose career has been centered around education and fostering relationships within the industry she serves.

A journalist by trade, Michelle is passionate about running a publication rooted in integrity and valuable education. She views her role as owner and publisher of C&R Magazine as a bridge between industry experts and restoration and cleaning contractors.

Since joining the restoration industry, Michelle has made it her business to stay on top of the latest industry trends. She has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to learn more about what’s happening within today’s restoration industry. This has earned her a spot on many industry stages facilitating panels and helpful discussion with industry experts on the biggest topics facing restorers and cleaners in the current market.

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