Phoenix Announces DryMAX XL Pro with Complete DryLINK® Integration


Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a top provider of water damage restoration equipment today announced the launch of DryMAX XL Pro, the most advanced restoration dehumidifier on the market.

The Phoenix DryMAX XL Pro solves the one shortcoming of horizontal dehumidifiers, ease of going up and down stairs. It also adds many new features including complete integration into DryLINK and DryLINK Asset Manager. Some of the benefits include:

  • Two position handle improves stair performance beyond traditional upright dehumidifiers
  • Extended handle serves as a dolly with interlocking features with AirMAX and Focus II
  • Onboard USB to power DryPHONE for Remote Monitoring
  • Add batteries for built-in connection to DryLINK Asset Manager, no tag needed
  • Locking cover design for storage area
  • Stacking and nesting for space savings
  • 140 pints per day at only 7.4 amps

“This dehumidifier is better in every way than traditional vertical designs. It is not only better at going up and down stairs, but also easier to maneuver, is much more compact, helps restorers bring in more equipment with each trip, and it has all of our technology built-in!” Commented Erin Hynum, Senior Director of Product Management.

About DryLINK

DryLINK is the only completely automated jobsite data collection tool with remote monitoring capabilities, live drying reports, and asset management for the water mitigation market. The drying report can be shared with stakeholders for up-to-date jobsite information.

About Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Phoenix is the leading manufacturer of world-class extraction, dehumidification, air scrubbing and evaporative drying equipment for water restoration professionals. Phoenix is a brand

of Therma-Stor LLC, a company dedicated to innovation in the indoor air quality and water damage restoration industries. To learn more about Phoenix Restoration Equipment, visit www.usephoenix.

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