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The History of Restoration

It is likely an undisputed fact that there is no one in the restoration industry who knows more about its history, exact dates, names, etc., that Pete Consigli. Known to many as the Restoration Watchdog, Pete is a well-respected veteran of the restoration industry. Pete joins Restoration Today to walk through the history of the restoration industry, publications, associations, and more. He also shares some laughs and stories along the way, and names dozens of people who have helped influence and drive the industry into what it is today. Grab a cup of coffee, and

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Welcome to a new video series featuring interviews with top leadership from eight third party administrator (TPA)/managed repair networks/programs (MRP)! Profile Gorilla invited each of these companies, many of which are newer to the insurance repair space, to in-person interviews at the PLRB Claims Conference in Orlando in late March. Each organization was asked the same six questions on topics like: Top pain points for contractors and TPAs/MRPs in today’s claims landscape. Top 3 things contractors need to do to be profitable in their network. Software requirements/expectations (if any) for estimates/invoices. What is your

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Unpacking the Restoration Industry

Michelle sat down with CORE Group CEO Dan Cassara during The Experience in Las Vegas in early September. The goal was to have an open dialogue about the restoration industry today: the good, the so-so, and even the ugly. Dan shares his insights, after sitting in multiple seats in the industry over the years, on popular topics like mergers and acquisitions and the impact they’re having on our industry, TPAs, data, industry associations, and more.

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Closing the Communication Gap Between Restorers and Adjusters

Publisher’s Note: This article was first shared in May of 2022 on the C&R website. It was so popular, we sat down with author and Encircle CEO Paul Donald to dive further into this topic! Take a listen! George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, famously said “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” This quote comes to mind when I think about the communication – or lack thereof – that exists between restorers and adjusters. Communication between restorers and adjusters has been breaking down for years and

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Reducing Chemical Burden during Disinfection & Remediation

This quick bonus episode of Restoration Today takes us to the show floor at The Experience! Michelle and two special guests discuss the ongoing need to expose customers, especially those with chemical sensitivities, to fewer chemicals during remediation projects. Roger Berry, CEO, and Brian Lester, product specialist, talk about the 30+ years of science, testing, and more recently real-world use of dot Cleaner. Plus, they discuss finding products that are good partners going into CAT season, disinfectant application, and more.

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The Future is Now: A Refreshed RIA

The energy and excitement at this year’s RIA International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo was palpable. Using experience and feedback as their guide, it was clear everyone involved in the planning of this year’s event wanted it to be valuable and memorable, and they succeeded. In this episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, we are joined by: Kristy Cohen, RIA CEO Katie Smith, President of the Board of Directors Mark Springer, Immediate Past President Ben Looper, President-Elect We discuss a little bit about the conference, then dive into pressing questions about why today’s RIA is different,

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Predicting 2022 Disaster Restoration Trends | with VIDEO!

A Note from the Editor: Welcome to part 2 of Phil Rosebrook, Jr’s annual prediction series. In part 1 you were able to see how his predictions for 2021 held up. Now he’s sharing what he sees in the 2022 crystal ball. Making predictions in today’s business environment is very difficult due to the high speed of change, political uncertainty, health challenges and radically different feelings on the work environment. The next decade will bring changes that will be inconceivable to many, and will radically change the way we work, communicate, learn, travel, purchase

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Continuing the Conversation: Mike Fulton Discusses Inflation, T&M, Integrations, & More

Mike Fulton, CEO of Xactware (now known as Verisk Property Estimating Solutions) is back on the Restoration Today podcast for round two! He first appeared on our podcast last November, and we are excited to keep these open conversations going with Mike as the restoration landscape continues to change and evolve. In this podcast, which is audio-only due to a hiccup on our end, Mike and Michelle discuss hot topics like: Adjustments for inflation Reporting pricing vs. predicting pricing Thoughts on T&M and 10&10 Reason profit margins for contractors Up-and-coming innovations and platforms in the

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Restorer Coordinating Supplies for Ukraine

Artem Lopatchenko is the owner of AdvantaClean Enviromental of Cary/Apex, and from Ukraine. He is spearheading efforts in the U.S. to help get resources and supplies to Ukraine, by way of Poland.   This 15 minute interview covers what he knows about conditions in Ukraine, and how Americans (specifically restorers and cleaning contractors with many supplies already in your warehouse) can help. SHIPPING INFORMATION: AdvantaClean Attn: Artem Lopatchenko 476 Shotwell Rd Ste 102-145 Clayton, NC 27520 LIST OF NEEDS: Baby Formula! Knee pads, elbow pads, Tactical gloves (new or used) SOF tourniquets Hemostatic QuikClot

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Fire Chasing: 7 Questions to Consider

As a manager or business owner,  trying to get some advice on whether a strategy or service option is right for your business can feel like a difficult process. The development of the internet and social media has provided entrepreneurs with limitless opportunities for immediate feedback from any number of persons presenting themselves as authorities on a given subject. If you go online seeking feedback, you will likely receive conflicting input from the extremes of a given perspective. While there are no dumb questions, there are plenty of dumb answers; so how do you avoid

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