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CoreLogic Acquires Next Gear Solutions | A Conversation with Xactimate & Pricing Expert Ben Justesen

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, CoreLogic announced it had acquired Next Gear Solutions which could have far-reaching impacts on the restoration industry when it comes to estimating, data, and more. Ben Justesen is a top Xactimate trainer, as well as founder of Enlightened Restoration Solutions and JRCC. He has spent the last few years traveling the U.S. teaching restorers how to give pricing feedback, create custom price lists, and more. He is also the RIA AGA Pricing Taskforce Chair.

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7 Ways to Stabilize a Water Job | The Roving Restorer

For many restorers the “when” a job needs stabilization can be a daunting and difficult decision to make, but it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make because the IICRC/S500 provides the restorer many instances that stabilization is required. We break this down and cover seven conditions and circumstances where stabilization is justified and in most cases required. Don’t feel like you are making a mistake when you are trying to do the right thing. Restoration Simplified! Thank you for watching my video of restoration simplified. I found it extremely hard to understand all

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Stabilization vs Restorative Drying | The Roving Restorer

Stabilization is something that the restorer “Should” do on restoration projects that are no in a sanitary condition before restorative drying. The insurance and restoration industry doesn’t always use the right language to explain what is happening on the job site and this leads to confusion, uncertainty and conflict.

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