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Healthy Buildings America: ALL ACCESS!

Healthy Buildings America is a GO, and now EVERY session can be watched virtually! NEXT WEEK: Jan. 18-20 This is a must-attend virtual event with 200+ tracks ranging from 20 minutes to full workshops on a multitude of topics related to cleaning for health, IAQ, and more. Watch our quick chat with CIRI Director John Downey below for the latest on the event. Register here 👉

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California Debt Collection License Q&A

Do restorers need a Debt Collector’s License?  The California Debt Collection Licensing Act (“DCLA” SB 908) takes effect on January 1, 2022. Certain terms in the law have not yet been defined, and there will likely be regulations to clarify the rules because many organizations are challenging the law and demanding explanations. I know it sounds bizarre, but for now, as currently written, the law generally requires licenses for creditors who regularly contact consumers regarding past due debts for goods or services, as explained below.  What the @#%$! is this all about? The Act

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Humility and Curiosity in Sales

What does humility and curiosity have to do with selling in the restoration industry? Well the answer to that, for me, goes back to my mid-twenties. I was a sales rep for Cintas Corporation, the uniform and laundry people. I sold three and five year contracts for uniforms and floor mats to auto dealers, food processors, machine shops- all kinds of businesses. The industry was cutthroat, and not one I wanted to build a career in, but the sales training was transformative for me, and in many ways, I still utilize and teach the

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The Art and Science of Insurance Claims Estimating

The science of estimating includes growing your knowledge base so that you understand what you are bidding on, how you will approach the project, and why you use certain items to construct your estimate. In the world of insurance claims mitigation and repairs, this often means learning to utilize estimating software such as Xactimate or Symbility. The science of estimating is all about growing your mindset for success. We have created a series on our podcast called The Xactimate Sessions which reviews some of the resources and approaches to estimating that can help you

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How to Save Your Bacon With A Strong Release of Liability

So, whenever there’s an issue on a job, we just get a release signed and all our problems go away, right? Not so fast, guys! Releases are not magic wands and there are all sorts of ways customers can kill your releases if you’re not careful. What’s more, imprecise drafting of a release could jeopardize your whole contract and backfire on you. Emergency mitigation and remediation is relatively high risk work, and restorers have targets on their backs. We’ve defended cases brought by plaintiffs claiming that mold contamination created by the restorer destroyed items

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From The Experience Show Floor: Innovations & Collaboration in Drying

There were some exciting announcements from the show floor at The Experience Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas in September, including the unveiling of Encircle’s Hydro technology. Encircle VP Kris Rzesnoski talks a bit about the new technology, and about more up-and-coming integrations and collaboration in the industry.

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Who Sets The Drying Goal? | The Roving Restorer

It’s important to understand the Restorer is the critical party who must establish the drying goal and agree to be able to work toward achieving it. A consultant, IEP or another party who is not hired by the contractor is just there to provide their opinion and that opinion should be checked and verified that they have the training, experience and knowledge. The restorer has to deliver the the project results and be confident in your decision. Restoration Simplified! See more videos from The Roving Restorer right here!

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Industry Insights | Actionable Insights’ Harrison + Whatley Weigh in on CoreLogic Acquiring Next Gear Solutions

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, CoreLogic announced it had acquired Next Gear Solutions which could have far-reaching impacts on the restoration industry when it comes to estimating, data, and more. Seth Harrison is the Executive Director and Mark Whatley is founder of Actionable Insights. Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem by advancing legislation and clarifying globally recognized billing standards. As a natural expression of this mission, we established estimating guidelines that help Xactimate users generate accurate estimates that are approved without hesitation.

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Industry Insights Video: Next Gear Founder Garret Gray Discusses Acquisition by CoreLogic

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, CoreLogic announced it had acquired Next Gear Solutions which could have far-reaching impacts on the restoration industry when it comes to estimating, data, and more. As soon as the acquisition was announced, questions swirled around what this means for Next Gear customers, Next Gear staff, contractor data, estimating, and marketplace competition. In his very first public conversation since the acquisition was announced, Next Gear Solutions Founder and CEO Garret Gray talks about what prompted the sale, his vision for the future of the restoration industry, and answers many questions on contractors’ minds.

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