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Head, Heart and Boots (formerly Mit/Resto Mastery) brings together the dynamic duo of Brandon Reece and Chris Nordyke, two restoration industry veterans who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge on operations, organizational development, commercial sales strategy, customer experience, and transformational culture.

Head, Heart and Boots will appear in the Restoration Today eNewsletter and on the C&R website on the third Tuesday of each month.

Embracing Commander’s Intent: Building Leaders Through Organizational Integrity

Hey there! Let’s settle in with our virtual coffees and chat about something that’s vital if we’re looking to scale our restoration businesses: the notion of ‘commander’s intent.’ Understanding the commander’s intent means understanding the why of what we do. In an ideal world it means team members have the ability to lead and effectively make decisions at all levels of the organization because they have a clear understanding of what the underlying values are that drive our organization’s decision making. This enables staff members to make decisions when process or procedure doesn’t clearly

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Striking the Balance: The Art of Being Fair Yet Firm in Upholding Company Standards

In the dynamic landscape of our restoration businesses, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between being fair and firm in holding company standards is paramount. The essence of effective leadership lies in fostering a culture of accountability while ensuring that team members are treated with equity and respect. While it is imperative to drive self-accountability within the organization, there are times when direct and decisive action is warranted to address shortcomings in performance or behavior. Holding firm to company standards is a non-negotiable aspect of organizational success. These standards serve as the bedrock upon which the

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Trust in the Workplace: It’s More Than Just Experience, It’s About Keeping Promises

Hey there! Let’s settle into our favorite coffee shop corner and dive into a topic that’s been swirling around in my head. If we don’t have trust from another person in a relationship, it’s almost certain we have no influence, and we can all agree you can’t lead effectively without influence. Today, we’re talking about trust in the workplace and how this old concept is taking on new meanings in our fast-paced, information-rich world. The Information Age and Trust Rewind to 40 years ago, pre-internet. Picture a lawyer with exclusive access to legal texts

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What Can We Learn From Musk?

I recently finished the new Elon Musk biography by Walter Isaacson.  Elon Musk has always been polarizing if you’ve followed his meteoric rise as a silicon valley entrepreneur. But in the last few years, he’s become a rockstar to some, and the village idiot to others, thanks in large part to his frequent rants and tantrums on Twitter. To date he’s posted more than 19k tweets on the platform.  In spite of his behavior on Twitter and his insane workaholic persona, if you look at the sands of time, Musk has consistently deployed a

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Know Thy Customer

In the fast-paced world of disaster restoration, we often find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of operations and logistics, focusing primarily on the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of service delivery. However, it’s crucial to pause and consider the ‘who’ we are serving – our customers. Understanding your customer is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have for any successful business in our industry. It’s about digging deep, really getting to know them, and tailor-fitting our approach to meet their unique needs. Let’s face it, in our field, we deal with people at some of

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Marrying Goals with Standards to Win

While goals are aspirational and motivate us to reach for greater heights, standards define the consistent actions and behaviors we commit to, day in and day out. Think of standards as the foundation upon which goals are built. For a business owner or manager, setting clear standards for yourself and your team means creating a roadmap of excellence that leads to achievement. It’s about ensuring that every important task is executed with precision and dedication. Over time, these standards become ingrained habits, driving the company forward, even when unforeseen challenges arise. In essence, goals

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Effective Project Communication

From the perspective of the project manager, effective communication is not just a beneficial component but an essential cornerstone of successful project management. As the project manager, you hold a crucial role in ensuring that all team members and stakeholders are aligned, working towards a common goal, and equipped with the necessary information to effectively execute their responsibilities. For instance, imagine a construction project where the project manager diligently educates the team about the project’s contract, pricing schedule, terms and conditions, objectives, expectations, and budget. This comprehensive understanding allows the team to make informed

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Job Hazard Analysis- Protecting Our People & Managing Risk

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a critical component of any restoration business’s safety program. A JHA is a process that involves identifying potential hazards associated with a particular job or task, assessing the risks associated with those hazards, and implementing measures to control or eliminate those hazards.  In the restoration industry, there are several hazards that technicians may encounter throughout their daily duties. These hazards can pose a significant risk to their health and safety if they are not properly identified, planned for, and addressed. Here are some of the most common hazards

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From Annoying Marketer to Peer and Partner: The Benefits of Pain Solution Selling

Pain solution selling, is a sales technique that focuses on identifying a customer’s pain points and offering solutions that directly address those problems. This approach to selling is based on the idea that people are more likely to make a purchase when they feel that the product or service being offered will alleviate their specific concerns. Seasoned commercial sales professionals know how hard it is to get people to change their behavior. Unless they’re having a painful experience with their current vendor, most operations leaders won’t switch. The perceived hassle outweighs any possible benefit.

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Conducting the Perfect Sales Meeting

If most of us are honest, in disaster restoration, we spend very little time prepping for sales meetings. We often give them very little thought. Most of our effort and intentionality goes into getting the meeting, and then we show up and wing it.  When I describe it out loud, all of us recognize the foolishness of it, yet the behavior is real, and very common across sales teams in our industry.  I’m convinced this casual approach to sales meetings is a carryover from our “Candy and Smiles” route sales approach that many of

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