Head Heart and Boots

Head, Heart and Boots (formerly Mit/Resto Mastery) brings together the dynamic duo of Brandon Reece and Chris Nordyke, two restoration industry veterans who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge on operations, organizational development, commercial sales strategy, customer experience, and transformational culture.

Head, Heart and Boots will appear in the Restoration Today eNewsletter and on the C&R website on the third Tuesday of each month.

The Commander’s Intent

As business owners and key leaders many of us dream of having a workforce that is self-driven, wildly independent and fueled by an “adapt and overcome” attitude. Instead many are frustrated, disgruntled and have all but given up determining that this kind of workforce is nothing more than a pipe dream.  Most of us can think of examples of high performance sports teams or special operations groups from the movies where teams are overcome by overwhelming odds yet still find some way to win the day. Often they do it under dire circumstances and

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Is it Grit We Need More Of?

I love our industry- the pace, and the chaos. I think you either have to enjoy the wild unpredictability of it, or you have to be wired in such a way that you enjoy bringing order and stability to the chaos. It’s no surprise to me that many restoration operators are former military, emergency responders or law enforcement.  And I also marvel at our administrative pros in this industry that year after year “hold down the fort” and manage to support our teams and hold up the systems and procedures that make a business

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Changing Our Project Management Mindset

Our Project Managers have always played an absolutely critical role for our companies. They often engage the projects with the most moving parts, longest exposure to the client relationship and often more vested parties. However as our teams grow, adapt and deploy more and more technology, ultimately the role of our Project Managers becomes even more impactful.   As challenging as the role is, it’s common for many of us to slip into a state of firefighting and develop a perspective that as long as we are running and gunning at full speed, then we

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Creating A Coaching Culture

Fairly early in my restoration career, I was fortunate enough to have an Executive Coach and the positive impact of working with her was off the charts. Her perspective, insights, and consistent challenging reshaped many aspects of both my personal and professional life. Eventually, most of our key leaders were meeting with her on a consistent basis and in return it was helping us move the needle as an organization. The more I experienced the positive effects of her influence on myself and my leadership team, the more I started processing what it would

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The Real Purpose of the ERP

My first experience with an emergency response plan was when I was VP of sales at an independent restorer in Oregon. I cold-called a religious private school and managed to get sent back to the facility manager. The gal in the office gave me directions to his office and I made my way back to go meet Tim. When I got to the right building and found his office, I knocked on the door and he motioned me in. Tim was sitting in his small office, a wall of keys to the right of

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Ownership & Authenticity with Chris and Brandon

In this week’s episode, Michelle catches up with fellow podcasters, Brandon Reece and Chris Nordyke from the Head Heart and Boots podcast, and columns in C&R. This conversation covers everything from personality types and tests and learning to embrace, hone in, and grow in who you are. There are also discussions on tough topics like anger and regret, and managing expectations. Plus, the importance of self-awareness in business and in life, and the impact that can have on sales, family life, and every aspect in between. Other topics include humility in sales, mentorship vs.

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Part of You Is Not Going To Like This

For a long time I thought the concept of a life coach was a bunch of woo woo nonsense, but a few years ago I downed the Kool-Aid and hired a guy out of Seattle. He had a psychology and religion degree, and primarily worked with business executives and pro soccer players.  On paper we had little in common, but I’d been following him on Facebook for a few months, and just had this undeniable sense that I could learn from him.  We had 12 sessions together, and what he taught me during our

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Four Behaviors That Build Healthy Cultures

Brandon and I had a chance to sit down with Jenny Vandehey, the SVP of culture and experience at First Onsite. She has such a fresh energy and perspective she brings to the industry and to First Onsite. Here’s a few takeaways from the chat- but be sure to listen to the full show next time you have some road time or a coffee in your hand.  Lead with “We” When you listen to the full episode, one of the things you might notice with Jenny, is how often she speaks with we language.

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The Power of Regret

How many times have you heard someone flippantly say “no regrets” or see life hack lists on how to live without regrets? The current culture narrative implies that there is some proactive way to live a life that will ensure we no longer experience them. At the end of the day, not only is this not realistic, but living without any form of regret (or at least ignoring it) can actually have a profoundly negative impact on our lives.  In Dan Pink’s newest book, The Power Of Regret, he unpacks the real super power

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Hurry Up And Slow Down

Have you ever heard the saying “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast?” The Navy Seals are noted for that particular phrase and its message is much deeper and far more impactful than one might think. At first glance, it may seem like a simple adage or play on words, but in reality it’s a powerful way of thinking that can have a profound impact on everything from business strategies to service delivery.  I spent roughly eight years in the United States Army as an Infantry Soldier. The modern fighting environment is now predominantly

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